Worksheet 19:  Small Shifts I Can Start With

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Worksheet 19:  Small Shifts I Can Start With (see below for Large Shifts) 

(from my book, Your Journey to Peace … About Book found here

(As recommended with any spiritual or self-healing practice, start with a small, one or two-minute meditation/prayer/attunement. Invite in your Best Self, True Self, higher Self, Spirit, Holy Spirit, Buddha, Jesus, or any other deity to join with you as you aim to clear the pathway to peace).

Small Shifts in Attitudes and Behaviors I Can Make

Replacing Judgment with Acceptance:

  • I can replace judgment with acceptance regarding …

Replacing Blame with Understanding:

  • I can replace blame with understanding regarding …

Replacing Anger with Self-Control:

  • I can replace anger with self-control regarding …

Replacing Indifference with Empathy:

  • I can replace indifference with empathy toward …

Replacing That Which Causes Discord with That Which Embraces Harmony:

  • I can replace my words, attitudes, or actions toward …

Standing up for Myself:

  • I will speak up for myself with ….    or about ….
  • I will ensure I am heard when interacting with xxx  / in xxx circumstances

Large Shifts in Attitudes or Behaviors I Can Make

 ~ Rosemary McCarthy© (2016, updated Sept 7, 2018)

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~Rosemary McCarthy©  September 7, 2018.

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Archetypes Act As Conduits to Help Us, and to Strengthen Latent Qualities Within Us


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