We Are at The Pinnacle of Our Personal, Collective and Planetary Evolution

At this time of our evolution we are all awakening to the truth of who we are, the truth of who our brothers and sisters on the Planet we share are, and are starting to embrace the concrete changes all this brings with it.

We are all primed to become the best and most empowered expressions of ourselves, and this will bring with it powerful changes that will benefit all of us and effect the trajectory of humanity. While it may not be apparent in all areas of our world today, most of us are ready to embrace our shared connection to the Oneness we emanated from and extend its inherent qualities to others.

We are starting to manifest what will bring about a safe, fair, and egalitarian world, where everyone feels empowered, has what they need to survive and thrive, and is free to live in alignment with their soul’s desires.

Children Come into the World More Evolved than the Last Generation

It is often the youth that urge us to make the changes needed to create a better world. The children of those born since the enlightenment era of the ’60s, especially those birthed from within the bubble of energy following the ’87 Harmonic Convergence, simply expect a peaceful, just, and equitable world, and they are here to help us firmly grasp the ideas of compassion, fairness, acceptance, and equality necessary to bring it about. In fact, they are demanding it!

(This article/blog post is based on concepts in my book Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science. Book Synopsis is found here).

Archetypes Act As Conduits to Help Us, and to Strengthen Latent Qualities Within Us

Just like with every new generation, the young people of today have shown up here on earth more enlightened than the last one. The confidence and inner-knowledge that comes with this allows them to outright reject any attitude or action that hints of unfairness, greed, inequality, prejudice, or cruelty that have been so ingrained in our world.

They don’t accept that people should be used or abused by others, taken advantage of or bullied by business or the government, or be talked down to by educators or the religious hierarchy. They embrace ideas that align with practices that help our Planet thrive, and they are encouraging us to listen to the Indigenous people regarding our beautiful home.

They do not buy into the illusions of past generations and therefore are not in denial of the consequences of their or others’ actions. The popular saying “teach your children well” should be followed by “and heed their wisdom.” The young generation of today are starting to and will continue to be the strong leaders who will fearlessly usher in this new, brighter era we now seeing glimpses of.

Most of us now understand it is more beneficial to work with others in relationship: personally, professionally, and for the betterment of our communities and the planet. People all over the world are joining together to help others in need and to assist individuals or groups who have been marginalized to find their empowerment.

Those within different cultures, religions, and races will start to work together. Almost fifteen years ago in the Alpha DVD series (basically a Christianity 101), Nicky Gumbel suggested it was time for the different branches of Christianity to work together and focus on their similarities. That is a good start, and they have to a large degree, but we still need to aim higher.

To bring about the loving, peaceful world we all want, just as we have to reconcile our differences with those in our families and people around us to have peaceful lives, we have to make peace with the differences between the various religions – instead of focusing on their differences or trying to prove which one is better.

Many of us have feared to speak up and talk about the way we feel about the world around us – but no longer. Our future will not include following the societal rules put down by those living in a different time and with stringent ideals and selfish agendas. However, those past rules have had their consequences and the repercussions will not disappear overnight.

Reconciling Our Present Realities While Creating a Better Future

While we aim to create better lives for ourselves and a better world, we must also acknowledge and work within the present realities.

As we build confidence in ourselves to feel and give love and treat others fairly, we will feel empowered enough to make decisions that create harmony and only positively affect our families, communities, and the world around us.

We will start to embrace the concept of “the good of the all, rather than the good of the few,” and our actions will align with and reflect this precept.

As we will have the awareness to connect the dots between our actions, their outcomes, and the repercussions they could have on others, we will make conscious choices that will not generate negative consequences.

Ripple Effects of Dysfunctions and Past Actions Take Time to Disappear

Whether in our personal lives, regarding others, our communities, or the environment once we become aware of and change our personal dysfunctional behaviors or negative attitudes toward others or actions that harm our Planet, we will still see the ripple effects for a while. The repercussions will not fade away immediately.

Shifts we make regarding our individual or family issues will not always bring about huge immediate changes. It takes time for decades of dysfunctional behavior to heal once we shift our attitudes, for the effects of a lifetime of unhealthy habits to abate, or for years of irresponsible spending to turn into financial balance.

Even when we become aware of and change unfair or prejudice attitudes toward others, the fall-out from years or even centuries of injustness takes time to heal, as the ripple effects often pass down through the generations.

And urgent as it is to get the processes going, changes we make toward our environment and the Planet will not bring about many immediate results.

We now have the understanding of how to create a better life for ourselves, more open and loving relationships within our families, and a fairer and more egalitarian world. However, we must not get discouraged when we don’t see huge or instantaneous outcomes for our efforts. Recognizing and appreciating any small positive shift is what will keep the momentum going.

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 – Rosemary McCarthy©, February 2018

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