Archetypes Act As Conduits to Help Us, and to Strengthen Latent Qualities Within Us

An archetype is a representation that embodies specific qualities and whose energy we can call to us for help, guidance, and protection.

Traditionally, archetypes are drawn from our mythologies or religions, but we can call up the energies of anyone who holds the qualities we are looking for and who we feel an affinity with to help us in any way.

When our attitudes, habits, behaviors, or emotional patterns are not serving us, there are many ways to overcome what is keeping us from being our Best Self. Calling in archetypes helps us by drawing on the power of another who has a connection to the Divine, or, has strength in an area we want to improve upon.

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Archetypes Act As Conduits to Help Us, and to Strengthen Latent Qualities Within Us

Although archetypes may be or have been real people, we use them as symbols who can offer us love, understanding, inspiration, strength, protection – or any type of universal help or guidance.

The well-known archetypes are the Masters and holy people from our religions and the mythological gods of our ancestors. We can call on spirit animals from our current or ancient tribe. Famous artists, scientists, and even athletes can be called upon to inspire, educate, and guide us.

And who or what we chose to invoke may shift as our needs change. We can also draw from the energies of someone we know, or know of, to help infuse us with a quality they have that we want to strengthen within our self, or one we know is latent in us. We may want guidance with respect to our work, our relationships, our next step in life, or to discover our life purpose.

If we know we are being too passive, needy, jealous, stubborn, greedy, controlling, aggressive, etc., or are dysfunctional in any way we can call on a Divine being, or even their image, to help us. We can also invoke the energy of anyone with qualities we want.

We can call in people who have overcome issues we are struggling with. We can also call on archetypes to help balance our male and female energies. (Following my Facebook page (link is below) gives you access to next week’s post “The Importance of Balancing Our Male and Female Energies”).

We call in archetypes in our sacred times: in our prayers, meditations, when we journal, or in a visualization. We just talk to them. We pour our heart out to them. We can ask them a question. To help us in a relationship.To guide us. Inspire us. Give us direction in life. Help us connect to our soul/life purpose.

Archetypes Act As Conduits to Help Us, and to Strengthen Latent Qualities Within Us

We may ask them to infuse us with their energy, guide us through a difficult issue, or to help us cultivate within ourselves a quality they exemplify that we cannot find within ourselves – something that will help us become the best version of our self. We can ask for patience, compassion, integrity, or the unconditional acceptance of others who are different than us or have different beliefs than we do.

Calling up archetypes allows our minds to translate and our beings to anchor in qualities we want to embrace that might otherwise get buried within lofty spiritual concepts. Universal love / God’s love / Divine love are only concepts, and they are often difficult for us to relate to.

In the Eastern belief systems practitioners may worship their guru, not because the guru needs to be worshiped, but as a way for them to open up their hearts (or heart chakras) to allow for Divine connection and thereby its guidance. In Christianity, Jesus is the symbol of unconditional love that one can relate to because he was human, but still connected to the Divine.

However, any person we look up to can act as an archetype. Any archetype we choose can bring us help, comfort and healing if our intentions are honest, we want to grow spiritually, or simply to become a better person – as becoming a better person is growing spiritually.

Some Examples of Archetypes We Can Call upon

To help release passive tendencies that may be limiting us we can call up the typical strong/warrior role model archetypes. We would call in gentle/loving archetypes to release aggressive tendencies that are hurting us, others, our relationships, or keeping us from becoming our Best Self.

When we are sincere, whichever symbol or person we call upon, be they mythical or real, will act as a conduit for Divine guidance or protection. We can call up angels, our guides, spirit animals, a holy person from our belief system, or someone we admire and who exemplifies the qualities we want to embrace or to help us better understand something.

Here are a few examples of archetypes we could call up for what we want help with: We could:

  • pray to Mother Teresa to help us tap into selflessness;
  • invoke Ghandi’s energy to inspire us with issues pertaining to patience, fairness, or social matters;
  • bring to mind and breathe in the energy of a famous current or deceased athlete, musician, writer, or artist to inspire and/or guide us;
  • request inspiration from Princess Diana to help us access her unconditional love and devotion to her children;
  • turn to Linda McCartney for her ability to be so completely content, peaceful, and in the moment;
  • pray to Mother Mary, the Christian archetype of motherly love, if we are feeling the need for motherly love, guidance or help with our children, or to be a more loving mother;
  • call up a father figure we admire if we want to become a better or more loving father;
  • summon up Einstein’s energy for his knowledge in understanding the mysteries of the universe.

Archetypes may also show up in our dreams, as a person, animal, or even symbol with a message, to help us solve a problem, if we have a concern, or if we have asked a question within our being.

Archetypes Act As Conduits to Help Us, and to Strengthen Latent Qualities Within Us

Guidance or answers may not necessarily come from a conscious question or concern. They may just come to us from a strong desire held in our heart that projected out into the universe. And sometimes the wisdom of the universe may deem a message appropriate.

Several years ago, in a half waking state early one morning a Rambo type warrior appeared by my bedside that felt so real I looked over. It told me in a strong and confident voice that also somehow held a soothing quality that it would protect me – for 30 days.

I understood the general message, but did not know what the 30 days meant. I had just moved into a house the day before and was living alone for the first time in my life, and in a new neighborhood.

I hadn’t felt nervous about this, although others around me had voiced concern for me living alone, which made me reconsider my lack of concern a little. The house had an alarm system, but it was not yet set up. Not really having felt anxious,  I forgot about the message.

Months later, as I was filing papers, I noticed that it was 30 days – to the day – after that dream that the alarm system was set up. Although not profound, these types of incidences give validation that there is something bigger than us looking after us.

Our connection to universal Divine energy is intended to be a normal part of our human experience. It is to help us in our life, guide us to interact with others in harmonious ways, and encourage us to grow spiritually – on our way to eventually reemerging with the Oneness we all came from.

And whether through prayer, meditation, worship, visualization, journaling, or calling up archetypes, the guidance or answers don’t come like lightning bolts.

As well as in dreams like my story, messages of Divine guidance and protection may come as a thought, new idea, or inspiration that just seems to come out of the blue; through a book, YouTube video, or any other form of information we stumble upon or that is suggested to us; or it may simply come to us in a conversation with someone.

Divine guidance and protection is always available to us – we just have to tap into it – whichever way is most comfortable to us. And the messages will also come to us – in whichever way is most comfortable to us. It does not have to feel religious, esoteric, or even spiritual. It will just come through as comforting. That is Divine love!

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