Untangling Our Emotional Worlds – Part 1

Unacknowledged emotions – either from our childhood or more recent ones – are retained in our cellular memories and without us realizing it cause us to react negatively, rather than respond calmly.

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Addressing our unhealed emotional wounds brings us emotional freedom. Otherwise, we bring the hurts and fears they caused forward to the NOW as behavior patterns that cause conflict with and emotional distance from others, as well as project the fears onto the future.

Overt reactions, such as aggressiveness, blaming others, being judgmental or bullish, as well as covert ways of dealing with situations, like being passive aggressive, may feel honest – as if they are coming from a true place, but they are not. They are created habitual patterns aimed to protect our emotional worlds, but are really devices based in fear.

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When we first hear that being reactive and getting angry at someone who stresses or attacks us, or inadvertently gets in our way is counter-intuitive, not only are we taken aback, we don’t believe it. We think: ‘Of course we should respond to others’ onslaughts aimed at us! Even if they aren’t personal, any infringement on my peace needs to be addressed. They are the problem. Not me!’ They are rude. Insensitive.

And when we are told not to worry about the future, say we have just lost our job and have no savings, most of us would want to say: ‘Are you crazy?! How in the world can I feel peaceful? I’ve got a real reason to worry!

In actuality, all of our responses are reflections of our state of mind.  Non-reactive ones show we are emotionally balanced. When we do not over worry about a dire situation, we show we have faith in ourselves. Feel empowered.  That we have faith in the Universe to protect us and provide for us.

Negative responses have nothing to do with the other who is, or seems to be affronting us, or those giving their opinion on us, our beliefs, or our situation. They come from a place faithlessness and disempowerment.

When we are aligned with Source – our True Self – our power base is strong, and what others do and say does not impact us emotionally. Negative reactions are caused from misalignment from our True Self. And it is buried and unaddressed emotions that create the barriers between us and our True Self that cause the misalignment.

Whether we react aggressively or respond in a passive-aggressive way, it is buried emotions from past hurts or events keep us from responding consciously to the reality of current situations.

Unaddressed emotions from the past like hurt feelings, a deep loss, or even guilt over what we have or have not done may keep our emotions on high alert and make us quick to react outwardly, or cause us to contract inwardly.

Unaddressed emotions may also keep us in worry mode: anxious about the various aspects of life and about the future. This anxiety in turn causes stress, and stress often causes us to react inappropriately to situations. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Untangling Our Emotional Worlds - Part 1

Humanity is in the throes of a Shift that is nudging us to become more conscious. Aware. Of who are, and, who we are being. We are awakening to:

  • To the truth of who we are – that we all come from love, and that our essence is still love.
  • To the fact that we are unconditionally loved.
  • That we are forgiven – for what we have, or have not done.
  • Being able to discern whether we are coming from a place of love, or one of fear: that we have to acknowledge what is running our lives.
  • And  if we are not coming from a place of love and feeling empowered, we must recognize that removing what is keeping us shackled to fear, our past, and/or feeling disempowered will bring us great benefits.

Acknowledging, untangling, healing, and overriding our emotional wounds is what will  allow us to fully enjoy the NOW and allow us to take full advantage of the peace, love, and sense of empowerment this brings with it. And as we stop reacting from our wounded self, our relationships improve and we create harmony in our lives. This is how we are meant to live.

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~ Rosemary McCarthy©  May 6th, 2019.

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