Universal Truths and the Masters Messages Come to Us in Many Ways

Universal Truths and the Masters Messages Come to Us in Many Ways

Universal truths and the messages of love, compassion, understanding, fairness, and forgiveness inherent in our belief systems have come to us in many forms—not just in a religious setting or through their formal texts.

Throughout history people have been inspired to teach, write, and sing about universal truths and the basic principles the Masters taught.

Many are still comforted and inspired by the writings of Ste. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross from the 15th century, Shakespeare from the 16th century, the poets Rumi from the 13th century and Walt Whitman from the 19th century, and yogi Sri Ramana Maharshi in the 20th century.

Songwriters like Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Neil Young, and Bono have encoured us to call for a more loving and peaceful world.

Most of the messages of the younger musicians of today embrace concepts of love, acceptance, fairness, freedom, and empowerment, like Katy Perry telling us in “Firework” to get out from under and let our light shine.

Whether through books or for the screen, we have also been given food for thought encouraging us to look at things in a new light, let go of fears surrounding new ideas, or to help us see our erroneous ways.

Although most of the stories regarding extra-terrestrials have an aggressive slant, the 2016 film “Arrival” gave us a more mature and realistic way of looking at our relationship with the extra-terrestrials.

In one of the original Star Trek episodes the Enterprise lands on a less evolved planet because of malfunctions and it needing repairs. Although the ship was hidden in a large cave and the crew thought they would be undetected, some of the planet’s inhabitants stumbled upon them.

The people became enthralled with the visitors and all they could do. They started to perceive them as gods, and eventually fought among themselves over how much adulation and power to give the so-called gods. This episode helped sensitize viewers to what we are now discovering concerning some of whom we ourselves may have erroneously considered to be gods.

In an episode of one of the earlier seasons of the television series, Game of Thrones, Catelyn Stark speaks of how she now understands that the hate she always held for her husband’s illegitimate child brought about the tragedies which befell her family. She had connected the dots between what she put out into the world and what came back to her.

When we put hate out into the world hate and its qualities come back to us.

When we put love and its qualities out into the world love comes back to us. 

Universal Truths and the Masters Messages Come to Us in Many Ways

Although the concepts of the Law of Attraction are now a commonly understood tenet among spiritual seekers, seeing Catelyn make this connection may have inspired those not aware of it to further explore what she meant and possibly examining their own attitudes.

I believe there is more than a superficial reason for the cult followings of musicians, writers, and shows such as these. While entertaining, they address, explain, and even guide us to a new perception of many of the issues we have had, or now face—from both an individual and societal perspective.

Those of us not involved with any formal spiritual or religious group have gotten their intended messages indirectly through people who are inspired in many different ways to move and enlighten us.

Coming from within that surge of peace and love energy of the ‘60s, how can one listen to John Lennon’s “Imagine” and not see how he was inspired to encourage us towards bringing about a world of love and peace. It may have taken another half century, but we are now making concrete efforts to bring his plea about.

People have always been sent to us to keep the spark of hope alive – that love, compassion, understanding, fairness, forgiveness, and any other quality that is an expression of love that we can dream of is possible. Today, that spark is being fueled with every thought or action that uplifts others.

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