Today’s Understanding of Angels and Miracles (part 2 / 2)

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Demystifying Miracles

Miracles are usually associated with healing or the manipulation of elements, such as a spontaneous healing, a yogi bending spoons with his mind, or Jesus turning water into wine.

The answer to an impossible prayer/request is also often considered a miracle, as are events that defy reason or probabilities, such as having the strength to lift a car off a trapped person.

The limited perspective of the linear, third-dimensional awareness most of us exist under does not allow us to see or understand what cannot be explained by our physical laws.

The higher the level of consciousness we exist under, the more easily we can connect to the universal forces, where the laws of time, space, and form are easily overcome.

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Why we are the Way We are

Engaging our higher, supernatural God-selves, we become attuned to the organic, quantum makeup of the elements. Just as we can direct our hands to move a book, in advanced states we can manipulate the elements with our consciousness. Enlightened yogis and the Masters all attained these high states enabling them to overcome the physical laws.

When we partner-up with Spirit, or invoke higher-realm beings in our meditations or prayers, physical laws can be overcome, as those in higher states can make what seems impossible happen for us. Synchronicities happen.

Not all miracles are physical; some are mental or emotional, such as having a change of heart or attitude.

The word miracle in A Course in Miracles proposes that every second of every minute of every day, and with regard to anybody and within every situation, even minor shifts in our attitudes or though processes from those based in fear to those based in love* are considered miracles.

Each positive shift in attitude raises our consciousness, changes our vibration and trajectory, and as we are all connected changes those of Humanity.

Today's Understanding of Angels and Miracles (part 2 / 2)Every shift to a love-based attitude helps to alleviate the fear-based paradigm that is keeping us all tied to the limitations of third-dimensional living.

*The aspects of love and those of fear are found in my book, and also in my article “Everything Stems from Love or Fear” on my blog page found  here 

This article in an amalgamation of a few sections from my book Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science. About book found here  

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