The Universal Law of Openness (part 2 of 3)

Part 1 of article The Universal Law of Openness can be found here)

 In Part 1 of this article I explained that to fully take advantage of the gifts the universe has to offer us we have to be “open” – in a state of receptivity.

We must ensure we keep the floodgates to the universe open. Living in faith, with open hearts, and expressing love and its qualities out into the world keeps us in a receptive mode.

I discussed the importance of living heart-centered rather than mind-centered.

When we live heart-centered and with open hearts, we are living at our highest, purest form. Information flows freely back and forth.

When we live from a mind-centered place, we are existing at a lower, denser level. Mind talk is louder than the heart, so communication to the universe, to Spirit, often does not get through, or it is muffled. T

I explained that from a heart centered place we are open to others and can receive and give love freely, and that from a mind-centered place we are less open to others. Love cannot flow back and forth as freely. .

I also explained in part 1 that to fully adhere to the Law of Openness we must see life through a clear lens. That we must see the light and love within all of us – our sameness – not from the murky distorted lens of the created Self that sees our separateness and focuses on our imperfections and differences.

I concluded part 1 by offering suggestions on how to clear the lens of how we view ourselves, others, and life in general. Clearing our lens open us. It transforms us.

(This article/blog post is based on concepts in my book Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science. About book found here).

Archetypes Act As Conduits to Help Us, and to Strengthen Latent Qualities Within Us

Becoming Open Creates Personal Transformation

Personal Transformation can only occur if we are open to changing. To allowing old habits and ways of thinking and being to slip away. This makes room in our lives for what will better support a new, improved, more trusting, and empowered heart-centered version of ourselves.

Connecting to universal love by being open-hearted is transformative. It improves our life in many ways:

  • We respond to situations more calmly – rather than react over-emotionally, aggressively, or passively, or bring past issues or situations into the present;
  • we make decisions based on facts and truths – we are more perceptive of others and judicious of facts. We make wiser decisions;
  • our intuition increases – our instincts and intuition improve, ideas just seem to pop into our head, and we get “gut-feelings” about people and situations. We make better decisions;
  • our judgment and discernment improve – we can now see through others’ inauthenticity or falsehoods. We become more confident in our choices;
  • we feel more empowered – responding calmly, having good judgement, trusting the guidance we receive, and seeing through falsehoods or others’ selfish attitudes helps us feel more confident in ourselves and our choices, and therefore more empowered.
  • we are more apt to avoid hurt feelings – we can more easily see through others’ neediness, selfishness, agendas, manipulation, or protective devices they attempt to put on us;

The Universal Law of Openness (part 2 of 3)

To shift from living mind-centered to an open-hearted way of living in the world we must believe:

  • that being open to universal love and the power it brings with it will serve us better than being ruled by the mind.
  • that allowing the heart to lead the mind is better than continuing to allow the mind to snuff out what our heart or soul wants to tell us.

The mind treasures the fears we hold onto, the judgements and prejudices that lurk in its corners, the controlling natures that make us feel powerful, our reactions that give us momentary satisfaction, and the defenses and protective devices we have erected that aim to protect us but actually keep us distanced from our True Self and from others.

Self-Examination helps us to look where our mind may be leading us that may not be serving us well. At how we love and view ourselves, as well as our ways of being toward others, situations that arise, and the world in general.

It allows us to examine our focus. Our motives. Our reactions. The impact our choices have on our ultimate well-being, and the well-being of others.

Self-examination aims to improve our lives. To transform us – for the better. It asks us to be honest with our self. Be willing to trust and surrender to the ebbs and flows of the process. Be open to looking at our self – honestly. Open to insights we receive and new ideas that are presented to us.

However, the purpose of self-examination is not to make us feel wrong

but to uncover and release what is blocking our connection to our true Self.

It helps us to become more conscious.

Letting go of old habits and ways of thinking requires that we become vulnerable – lay down our guards. It is these guards that create blocks to universal flow and the love and power it holds for us.

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