The Universal Law of Expansion – Part 2/2

When we evolve to the point that we evoke the Universal Law of Expansion, it not only affects our individual lives, it also affects the collective.

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(This is the 7th article in a series of 8 on Universal Laws. More info at end).

Everything that is emitted from us – positive or negative affects the collective. Every thought, intention, word, response, and behavior, holds a vibration. Vibration is fluid. It cannot be contained. It expands out from us. 

When we raise our vibration we raise our consciousness. And when we raise our consciousness to the point that we engage the Law of Expansion, all of the positive vibrations have gone out into the world. So do all the long-term positive effects of our expanded, more loving, and inclusive consciousness.

However, both our individual and collective growths have starts, stops, spurts of growth, spurts of inertia, and the seemingly two-steps-forward and one-step-backward movement. We see this in the world today – and it can be confusing.

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The Law of Expansion and the Collective

There are many stories and legends in ancient history that show how Humanity tried, and failed, in its efforts to overcome the auspices of duality’s hate, greed, control, brutality, etc. Inevitably, the many steps forward were repeatedly followed by more steps back.

Enlightened periods, like the Renaissance and the 1960’s, shone through.  Since the world wars it has seemed that we have been on a positive trajectory with more steps forward than backward. Or, so it seemed until recently.

It may seem that even the Western world is in more chaos than ever with all the hatred aimed at groups of people. The inequality, biases, and abuse of power towards women, minorities, the gay community, the poor and underprivileged etc., may seem more blatant than ever.

However, it was always there, but hidden, and is actually all coming up for healing. Just like with individuals, we can only heal what we are aware of.

We are actually at a pinnacle of our evolution.

It is our cosmic time to wake up – individually and collectively.

To wake up from the false paradigm Humanity fell into eons ago,

which was based on the aspects of fear, instead of the qualities of love.

We unknowingly perpetrated this fear, blaming, controlling, divisive, power-based me-against-you way of being to such an extent that it became our default position – that until very recently, we bought into.

We are now addressing the issues of injustice and inequality this controlling, power-based system that now runs all aspects of society created, and are attempting to move towards healing the various aspects of it and ways that it manifests in the world.

Everywhere we turn people are calling for fairness, justice, and equality for all, especially for the marginalized, for transparency from those in power positions, and reconcilliatory measures for individuals or groups of people whom we allowed, or caused, to become disenfranchised.

It has been a long road to get from the brutality of the past towards the masses to this forward momentum of compassion and fairness for all. Recognizing that Humanity is approaching the sharp turn upward can encourage us when we see or hear of unfairness, inequality, cruelty, or chaos still manifesting in our world.

The Universal Law of Expansion

One day, our individual and collective futures will hold only steps forward!

With every attitude shift away from those based in fear, judgment, and hatred to those based in love, acceptance, and compassion we move in the direction of the exponential function, until finally, we find we expand into the fearless, limitless beings we were meant to be.

(This is the 7th article from a series of 8  on Universal Laws that was first published in the Starlit Path Magazine from March 2018 to December 2019. Here is the link to the magazine). Links to individual articles below).

©Rosemary McCarthy, first published Sept 2019, updated May 2020..

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