Law of Expansion - Universal Law 6 (of 6)

The Universal Law of Expansion – Part 1/2 (and Part 7 in series of 8 on Universal Law)

We invoke the Law of Expansion when the other Universal Laws are well integrated into our being.

(Link to Part 2 below – as are links to the other 7 articles in this series on Universal Laws)

Positive momentum gathers within us as we embrace the cosmic principles set forth that affect us when the universe was created, and as this force feeds off itself, we start to become empowered in all areas of our life, until finally, we expand into all that we can be.    

Although through our free will we can ignore the Universal Laws and their principles, we can only tap into Universal flow and the power within it when we are aligned with them. (This is the 7th of 8 in my series on the Universal Laws for the Starlit Path Magazine. All previous ones can be found on my blogs. Links below)

Here is recap of each of the Universal Laws I already wrote about. (I started the series with a general article Understanding Universal Law – also found on my blog).

  • First, the Law of Openness denotes the need to be open-hearted – in a state of receptivity.
  • Second, the Law of Authenticity indicates that we must come from an honest place within ourselves.
  • Third, the well-known Law of Attraction maintains the principle that like attracts like.
  • Fourth, the Law of Cause and Effect clarifies that we are the cause of our experiences, not at the effect of the world around us.
  • The fifth is The Law of Balance and it suggests that we have to make peace with all parts of ourselves as well as the world around us.
  • The sixth, which I am discussing today, is the Law of Expansion where we evoke the exponential function into our lives as we create upward momentum in our spiritual growth.

This article/blog post is based in concepts from my books

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(I grouped the Universal Laws into six different categories, and these are just general guidelines. There are others, and some people divide them up into more details, or use different names, but most of what we need for our personal understanding and growth is contained within these. My 8 in the series comprised of an Introduction and a Conclusion).

The Law of Expansion and Individuals

As we continuously apply ourselves to aligning our thoughts, attitudes, words, and behaviors with positivity, the qualities of love, and the themes of the Universal Laws that apply to us we become more positive and loving.

And as we anchor in the confidence from all the little emotional and personal gains we make, we become more secure in the process.

Our efforts do not necessarily have to be hard work. It is often simply the letting go of what is blocking us from becoming all we were meant to be. Lighter attitudes allow us to align with universal flow. Denser attitudes create blocks to it.

Therefore, it is the shifting away from dense anger-based and divisive, judgmental, prejudicial attitudes, our propensity to blame others, and all other me-against-you concepts – to lighter love-based attitudes that uphold ideas of unity, acceptance, fairness towards all, the taking of responsibility for our attitudes and actions, and of embracing me-and-you concepts that break down the blockages to us growing emotionally and spiritually.

The Universal Law of ExpansionOur emotional and spiritual growth as well as our personal successes may also come about with a combination of things falling easily into place, then we struggle; of spurts of letting go, then falling back into old habits or ways of being; of hard work, then times of inertia.

Sometimes we may feel like we are hitting brick walls.

When this happens, we just have to be patient with our self. Upping our spiritual practices helps.

Letting go and growing emotionally and spiritually is mostly done on an internal level, often without any outward signs to signify our advancement. It can be frustrating. Cosmic forces are always at work, and sometimes it is simply cosmic timing that is holding our growth and/or success at bay, such as with the lunar cycles and the cosmic / astrological forces, which affect us on many levels that we are not aware of.

All of our efforts to better ourselves, even the ups and downs as these often encourage self-reflection which helps us gain more insight into our psyche, play together in concert.

And once we have incorporated the themes of the Universal Laws into our everyday life in a way that transforms our way of thinking and being in the world to be congruent with the love and Oneness inherent in the universe, we are primed to step into our full potential and expand into all we can be.

The Universal Law of Expansion

All of a sudden, things may just seem to fall into place and all aspects of our life come together. We have gained enough upward momentum to engage the Law of Expansion, and as we ride the wave of the exponential function our life takes a sharp turn upward.

I continue these themes as I discuss the Law of Expansion and the Collective in Part 2. See HERE

(This 7th article is from a series of 8  on Universal Laws that was first published in the Starlit Path Magazine from March 2018 to December 2019. Here is the link to the magazine). Links to other 7 below.

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