The Universal Law of Balance – Part 3/3

In Parts 1 and 2 I discussed how the Law of Balance affects us on the cosmic and human levels, here I continue by discussing how it affects our spiritual life.  

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(This article on Universal Law (in 3 parts) is from a series of 8 articles on Universal Law. Links to the other 7 are below)

We know know that it is through our heart-connection that we access the spiritual world, so we must ensure we open our hearts and keep them open so that we can develop a strong spiritual connection. (I discuss the Law of Openness in my books – links are below)

The Law of Balance and Our Spiritual World

Our spiritual life needs the appropriate amount of attention for us to function effectively in the world. A healthy spiritual life is vital to us becoming our Best Self, so we have to nurture it.

Spirit speaks softly. It whispers to us through our hearts. To feel its peace and receive its guidance, we have to take some quiet time every day so that we maintain the connection. We cannot align with its peace or easily hear the guidance or messages Spirit sends us if our mind is busy and scattered, and our body tense and stressed.

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Prayer, meditation, yoga, chanting, journaling, reading holy books, or any of the various daily spiritual practices keep our connection to Spirit strong. So does getting lost in beautiful music or art, spending time in nature, and doing what brings us joy. A combination of formal practice and doing what we love and brings us joy and a peaceful feeling is the best recipe for keeping the airwaves to Universal flow open.

Keeping a healthy balance between a focus on material and spiritual matters is also vital. If we become overly concerned with material matters, such as attaining, success, or the focus on our bodies, we will be thrown off kilter and lose the full benefits of our spiritual connection.

Over-spiritualizing life is also an easy trap to fall into, and when we do so we will also become unbalanced: we would find life difficult. We came here in bodies to be in the world.

Most of us are meant to simply express our spirituality and serve God through every day dealings with people and the world – by being loving and compassionate with all whom we come in contact with.

Staying Balanced / Allowing for Imbalance

Still, there may be times in our lives that will call for us to tip the scale off balance to one side, like caring for a newborn baby, being an intern training to be a doctor, or doing an extended spiritual retreat.

And some people’s life purpose is to serve Humanity and the world in a spiritual way, like the clergy, rabbis, yogis, or monks, whereby their lives are dedicated to service, prayer, meditation, etc. Their purpose is not only to guide us on our spiritual path, but they also hold the space of spiritual grace open and alive in the world by their consistent connection to Universal flow. We all benefit from this – even though we are unaware of it.

Apart from the special cases mentioned above, most of us are meant to live balanced lives, keeping a healthy balance between our physical, mental, and spiritual worlds so that we can become all we are meant to be, while using all aspects of our God-given gifts.

We can choose to live life as we please because we have been given free will, however, if we live an unbalanced life, we will suffer the consequences of doing so. We will experience the effects of our choices – whether or not they bring us happiness, help or hinder us creating the life we want, allow us to be in harmony with others, or aid us in our spiritual growth.

(This article on the Law of Balance (in 3 parts)  is from a series of 8  on Universal Laws that was first published in the Starlit Path Magazine from March 2018 to December 2019. Here is the link to the magazine). Below are links to the other 7 in the series.

~ Rosemary McCarthy, originally published June, 2019, updated May 2020.

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