The Universal Law of Balance – Part 2/3

In Part 1 I discussed how the Law of Balance affects us on a cosmic level, here I continue by discussing how it affects us on the human level. 

See here for Part 1   here for Part 3

(This Law of Balance is the 6th in a series of 8 articles on Universal Laws. Links to other 7 are at end).

On the Human Level

To become all that we are meant to be – to become our Best Self, we need to follow the principles of the Law of Balance that pertain to us and ensure we live in a way that promotes a sense of equilibrium in our lives and harmony in our beings.

To do so we must look after our physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual worlds – and keep them in proper balance.

Our Physical World is comprised of looking after our body with our eating and drinking habits, our physical activity, and our energy output.  If we are unbalanced or over indulge in any areas of our everyday life, such as eating/drinking unhealthily or over eating/drinking, over working, over socializing, or being unnecessarily lazy or apathetic, the Law of Balance will bring us back to center – at one point or another.

This may come about as a desire to better our self, an inspiration that leads to a spiritual awakening that shifts our focus, or, if we continue to abuse our self something may happen that brings about an unwanted change, like an illness or a great loss where we have no choice but to shift our focus.

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Our Emotional World affects us both physically and spiritually. It is now common knowledge that we are what we think and that if we are fearful or negative, or focus on our issues or on disease (ours, others, real, or imaged) we anchor these in, or invite new ones into our life. If we focus on divisiveness – on our differences with others and emphasize these and ignore the Oneness we all share, we will create conflict with those around us.

All these scenarios bring chaos in our lives and cause us emotional turmoil; however, we have been unaware that underlying influences have been causing us to act in ways that were counter-intuitive to our peace and happiness, and in creating harmony with others.

Unbeknownst to us, Unconscious Influences run our lives – without our consent. How we feel, how we react, and often what we do, or don’t do, are based not only on our past experiences – the positive and negative ones – and the inner-heart beliefs and habitual patterns these created, but also on what we inherited from our ancestry and Humanity’s history – from our familial, generational, cultural, and religious / spiritual backgrounds.

Until recently it was not widely known that it is our emotional world – our wounds and what we focus on that keeps us in negative and habitual thought patterns and in highly reactive or passive states.

Nor did we know that it is these ways of being that invite conflict and unwanted circumstances into our lives. Conflict and unwanted circumstances often lure us into focusing solely on them, creating an imbalance of focus, which invites more negativity into our life. Vicious cycles begin.

Negative and emotionally imbalanced responses create pull-and-push scenarios keeping the vicious cycles going, making it difficult to break out of them.

It is only when we honestly look at and address our feelings, attitudes, and behaviors, aim to understand where other people are coming from, and examine our approach to life and others, that we can start to override our negative unconscious habitual responses.

It is not our fault that we are stuck in these negative and reactive states and patterns. Humanity’s past history lured us into fearful, survival, and negative thinking patterns that caused us to close our hearts and keep our psyches in overdrive.

In the Western world most of us now are no longer in survival mode, however we have retained the habit of an overactive mind, which has been supported by today’s society with its focus on physical needs and achieving.

As such, our minds have become consumed with our physical and mental well-being, with little time or energy to consider our spiritual well-being. Recent society has also touted the importance of mind and money matters over feeling and heart matters, discouraging us from being open-hearted.

We now know that we can and must override our negative, habitual patterns to find peace in our lives, as well as help create a peaceful world.

We have also recently learned that it is through our heart-connection that we access the spiritual world, so we must ensure we open our hearts and keep them open so that we can develop a strong spiritual connection.

(This article on the Law of Balance (in 3 parts)  is from a series of 8  on Universal Laws that was first published in the Starlit Path Magazine from March 2018 to December 2019. Here is the link to the magazine). Below are links to the other 7 in the series.

~ Rosemary McCarthy,  first published June, 2019, updated May 2020.

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