The Universal Law of Authenticity – Part 1 of 2 (And 3 of 8 in my series on Universal Law)

The Law of Authenticity follows the Law of Openness because our heart has to first be open to universal flow for us to feel joy, inner-peace, connect to what will truly make us happy, and become our Best Self.

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(This is the 3rd article from my series of 8 on Universal Law. Links to other 7 are at end)

To embrace the Law of Authenticity we must come from an honest place within our self – from our heart-space – in touch with our soul – our True Self.

To be truly authentic our heart must be fully open: we must be in touch with that honest place within our self.

Our hearts are often somewhat open and we may feel moments of joy, sometimes connect to what makes us happy, and have inklings of what our Best Self looks like.

At the same time, we may have a vague feeling that we are not in touch with the part of our self that inspires us to become all that we can be. We are not fully in touch with our True Self – the core of who we are our essence – our authentic self.

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We may have unknowingly erected barriers that weaken our confidence, influence our thought-processes, block inspiration, and stifle our creativity.

When in touch with our essence our authentic self – and connected to our True Self we feel assured and are confident in our value and strengths. We feel inspired.

We act on our inspirations. We use our strengths to bring them to fruition. We go after what we want.

We view others and the world from a clear, unbiased framework without the need to blame or judge. From this clarity we can bring forth all that we were meant to be. We do not need to puff our self up, yield to popular attitudes or beliefs, or succumb to pressure from others.

Our True Self is continuously expressing to us in ways that guide us to become our Best Self. But we must hear it.

We cannot hear what it is attempting to convey if unconscious influences run our lives. If we live in fear. Are in denial of truths about our self. Or hold strong to outdated beliefs or ideals.

Our unconscious influences are ruled by our created Self. Negative reactionary attitudes and/or behaviors may have emerged as a result of unhealed emotional wounds.

We may have adopted defense mechanisms to protect who we feel we need to be. Unmet emotions may have created neediness in us.

As these come from deep within we think that they are true expressions of who we are – that we are being authentic when we feel and express in these ways. But we are not being truly authentic.

Everything Stems from Either Love or Fear

We are not connected to our essence. Yes, at this moment in time this is how we feel. But our feeling and the urges to react in negative and disharmonious ways are not coming from a pure place.  

Negatively charged reactions and defense mechanisms are automatic. Erratic. Highly emotional. They come from unaddressed hurts or issues.

They may show themselves as anger, control, impatience, or defensiveness, etc. They are often loud and forceful.

Or, they may show up as passive-aggressiveness, which appears subtler but holds an internal emotional component that will eventually rear its ugly head and cause disharmony.

These emotionally charged ways of reacting block the connection to our True Self. Neediness causes us to emotionally attach our desires, expectations, and happiness onto others, bypassing the connection to our True Self.

(This is the 3rd article from my series of 8 on Universal Laws that was first published in the Starlit Path Magazine from March 2018 to December 2019. Here is the link to the magazine). Links to other articles at end.

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For part 2 see HERE 

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