The Universal Law of Attraction (Part 4 in a series of 8 on Universal Law)

The well-known Law of Attraction reminds us that we are vibration, and upholds the principles that “like attracts like” and that “we are the creator of our own realities.”

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The Law of Attraction is simply the reality that within the Universal Matrix we attract back to us experiences that hold similar vibrations to what we send out energetically. This is because our thoughts, attitudes, and actions, as well as their intentions and intensities are held within our Life Matrix* and emit vibrations that the Universe reads as requests.

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When we emerged from the Oneness God-energy we inherited the gift of conscious co-creation, and it was through the vibrations of our thoughts, desires, and ideas that our creations could come about. Having lost the awareness that this is how we create, we have also forgotten that this is how the Universe responds to us.

The vibrations created through our thoughts, attitudes, desires, ideas and the intentions behind them are held in our Life Matrix, which acts as our blueprint. What we emit from our blueprint is interpreted like requests, and the intensity these vibrations hold translates as a barometer of the importance of our requests.

The stronger the emotional attachment to something, be that an intense like or dislike,

the stronger the pull to attract the same back to us.

It is like a resonating energetic vibration and acts like a boomerang.

It’s really very simple. If we are compassionate, compassion will be returned to us. If we are judgmental, judgment will follow us. If we create conflict with others, conflict will surround us. And it is our general attitudes that matters. If we do falter from time to time, it does not have a major impact on how life shows up for us.

These are simple and general explanations, and it is not always the case. Sometimes our soul life plan is for us to deal with judgmental people when we are not, or those who create conflict, when we do not. Negative people are put in front of us for soul growth – so that we have opportunities to be fully accepting of even people who are negative.

Negativity and conflict promote divisiveness. The vibrations these emit are of a low resonance, and they are dense. Denseness sets up blocks between us and Universal flow.

If we want to improve how life is showing up for us, we have to shift our vibrations. Ensure we are emitting positive, uplifting, and empowering vibes. That our thoughts focus on what we want – not what’s happening now or what we don’t want.

Positive and accepting attitudes promote harmony. The vibrations these emit are of a high resonance, and they are light. Lightness allows for the back and forth of Universal flow.

Negative thoughts and attitudes are dense.  Disharmony is dense.

Positive and accepting attitudes are light. Harmony is light.

Our souls / inner beings / the Universe know the difference.

They respond to what we put out there.

When we adopt more positive thoughts and attitudes we experience more peace in the moment, as well as invite more positive circumstances into our life.

When we shift negative attitudes and behaviors and become open to new ways of looking at others and life, these newfound ways of being also pave the way for us to improve our relationships and generally feel more peace, joy, and harmony in our lives.

It is our general vibration that impacts our life the most. Being positive, light-hearted, and worry-free sets us up to receive from Universal flow, as these qualities create a lightness within us. We can then tune into Universal flow, as we are on the same wave-length

And being grateful for what we have also shifts our vibration as gratitude moves us into a high vibration – one that is synonymous with the energy of the Universe.

Being negative, heavy-hearted, and worried sets us up to have more of the same, as these qualities create a denseness within us. We cannot tune into Universal flow, as we are not on the same wave-length.

This returning of what we emit is not a judgment from God, nor a trick of nature. It is just a natural phenomenon, a Universal Law, just like gravity is to our physical environment here on earth.

The Law of Attraction is always at play, and it is actually a precursor to other Universal Laws, including the Law of Cause and Effect, which builds on the premise of the Law of Attraction, and will be the subject of my next article in this series. (Link to read below)

Universal Truths and the Masters Messages Come to Us in Many Ways

*(Our Life Matrix: Is the lens through which we view ourselves and navigate the world. It holds all of our attitudes, ideals, heart beliefs, and habitual patterns that we unconsciously developed to protect ourselves from real or perceived physical or emotional onslaughts.  It provides the impetus to become who we think we need to be and what we think we need to do to uphold these perceptions —whether they are real or false, known or unknown, or whether or not they ultimately serve our highest good).

(This is the 4th article from my series of 8 on Universal Laws that I first published in the Starlit Path Magazine from March 2018 to December 2019. Here is the link to the magazine). Links to other articles below.

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