The Purity of Our Soul/Life Purposes Are Often Corrupted: How Defeat, Frustration, Nastiness, and Aggression Can Sneak In  

We all come to earth with a soul/life purpose and if we answer the call of our heart we can usually bring it to fruition.

However, most of us are not 100% aligned with our True Self, as negative unconscious influences have often snuck into our psyches. Therefore, we often cannot manifest the fullness and/or purity of our soul’s purpose. We may even miss the call completely.

Souls manifest together in many types of relationships and for many purposes: to love and be a support for each other in life; to navigate the lessons each chose to learn in this lifetime; and/or to assist the other with his or her soul’s purposes.

Our life-partners, family members, and the many other people we have important or long-standing relationships with like close friends and work and business associations are in our lives for the purpose of helping us in some way in our life’s journey in this lifetime. So are those who come into our life for “a reason or a season.”

Our main purpose in life may be to give our spouse support with his or her life’s purpose, either emotionally or financially. It may to raise a loving family. It could also be to become successful in life so as to give our family a comfortable life.

In answering the call of our heart, we may bring goods and/or services to our community or the world, be an advocate of animal or personal rights or for personal health or planetary healing, or we may be instrumental in new scientific findings and technological advances.

We may feel guided to work in service to others through the medical, spiritual/religious, or political arenas. And it is our soul that calls us to bring our art, music, or writing to the world, uplifting or educating others.

Many people are able to successfully connect to their life purpose, others realize some success in doing so, while some never connect to it.

Those who do achieve what their inner-being calls them to do maintain the purity of their soul’s purpose if they conduct themselves with fairness, compassion, and integrity.

However, some people may be successful in attaining their goal, but fall prey to negative, unconscious influences and do not act with kindness, fairness, or integrity and lose the purity of their soul’s purpose. Their success may even totally unravel.

Those of us who have only a minimum or no success at all in connecting to our life’s purpose likely succumb to one or more of the many unconscious influences that can derail our efforts. (See below for a list of some common unconscious influences).

How Unconscious Influences Play Out and Affect Our Intended Purpose

When we fall prey to negative, unconscious influences our relationships become difficult, and if we have connected to our soul purpose it may become sullied. The underlying influences can cause us to be impatient, controlling, bullying, and/or aggressive in our attitudes, and greedy and self-serving in our endeavors.

This causes confusion and conflict with others and chaos all around us. The push of our soul’s purpose may still be very strong, and any backlash to our attitudes will likely cause us to dig our heels in deeper creating further negative fallout, and our soul’s purpose becomes tainted.

If our purpose is to be a support for our partner’s life purpose we may fulfill that role, but if our unconscious influences cause us to be critical, controlling, demanding, etc., this will not only cause relationship conflicts, it can also deflate our partner’s ability to fully realize his or her potential.

If we feel a strong push to become successful in life so we can give our family a comfortable lifestyle we can find the right partner and achieve success, but it can all unravel because we pigeonhole ourselves into the provider role and ignore the nuances of family life.

We are often dumbfounded when these failures occur because we were following what our being was telling us, but we were unaware of unconscious influences that affected the way we were bringing it about that negatively affected the others involved.

When answering the call of our heart if we become involved in bringing goods to the market or are in the service sector, sometimes in an effort to be competitive we may be get caught up in unfair or corrupt practices or treat our co-workers or employees harshly, and our innate purpose to be of service to others will become contaminated.

If we feel a strong desire to become an advocate of animal or individual rights or are involved in personal health or planetary healing, as we aim to bring attention to our cause unconscious influences can cause our passion to become tainted with judgment causing us to respond harshly or even cruelly to those who disagree with us or will not follow our guidance. This will create criticism and bring conflict to both us and the cause, and may even reduce its efficacy.

When we are instrumental in bringing new medical break throughs, scientific findings, or technological advances to the world we may succumb to arrogance and/or holier-than-thou attitudes.

Our desire to bring forth what is in us may be so strong that patience and humility are lost, as we can easily get caught up in the energy of the passion for our creation, or the importance of it, causing us to feel self-important, act superior, and to disregard common courtesy.

If we feel guided to work in service to others through community, religious, or political arenas, our unconscious influences may unduly impact the bringing of new ideas to or the shaking up of established norms. We may become self-righteous because of our newfound piousness or selfless efforts.

In an effort to bring our ideas forward we may overstep boundaries, push too hard, or become overly critical. These attitudes will all create conflict and alienate people, which may diminish the power of our intended purpose as it may cause our passion to serve fade, or our hard work to backfire.

Even gentle people whose heart calls them to bring art, music, poetry, or stories to the world may not understand why they are so often in conflict with others or are continuously surrounded by mayhem. Their strong soul connection usually brings with it much passion and deep emotions, and their work often addresses issues just on the cusp of society’s awareness, opening them up to controversy.

Artists whose self-worth had not been cultivated when younger or whose efforts were not supported may struggle with confidence in themselves and may not easily be able to handle any controversy. Some will turn inwards and struggle with depression or even addictions, while others will turn their frustrations outward and become needy, demanding, or look for validation by seeking attention and acting out.

There will always be differing opinions and some conflict and controversy in both our personal and professional lives. A strong connection to our soul’s purpose often brings with it great enthusiasm and passion, which unchecked can cause openings for conflicts to occur.

However, it is how we deal with controversies that arise and our ability to avoid over-enthusiasm turning egotistical that will determine how successful we are in fully connecting to and keeping the spirit of our soul’s plan and life purpose alive.

Common Negative Unconscious Influences

Negative Default Positions: being overly-reactive or overly-passive. These are learned coping mechanisms that attempt to protect us from perceived onslaughts to our emotional well-being.

Protective Mechanisms: defending ourselves or our positions no matter what; lashing out at what we perceive as criticisms. These are attempts to shield us from hurt or feeling disempowered.

Fear of Success: caused by low-self esteem or unhealthy views of success. These can cause us to undermine our efforts and successes.

Neediness: causes us to be emotionally demanding often overstepping healthy boundaries with others. This causes them to pull away either emotionally, or avoid us.


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