Staying Calm, Keeping Balanced, Allowing for Reflection

As we start to get back into the swing of Fall activities (at least those of us in the Northern hemisphere are), let us remember to not get so caught up in all the various commitments and/or responsibilities that come along with this time of the year that we become stressed, and forget how uplifting feeling relaxed and “just being” is

Even though we have been forced to slow down this past year and a half and we may have had more time than usual to be reflective, modern life often leads us to ignore the reflective and feeling parts of ourselves.

To be happy and feel good we need to attend to our body, mind, emotions, and spiritual connection. To the subtler parts of our existence.

Humanity’s history has been based on false realities. Of separate motivations grounded in fear, greed, competition – on me-against-you.

Fighting for our survival became paramount in our existence. We were reactive, rather than responsive.

Although today most of us do not have to fight for our physical survival, we have translated this survival mode to one of business – of getting ahead.

And we have maintained the competitiveness and reactive states of that survival mode.

Rather than responding calmly and only addressing what is currently happening, many of us react to others and situations aggressively – often bringing in past issues or unaddressed emotions from our past.

Our business, competitiveness, focus on getting ahead, and our reactive states have left no room to connect to our subtler and reflective natures.

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When the reflective and feeling parts of ourselves are disregarded, we lead unbalanced lives. We have become disconnected from the subtleties of our True Self.

This can cause us to be discompassionate. Selfish. Unable to see how our attitudes and behaviors affect those around us.

An unbalanced life will derail us from what will ultimately make us happy. It undermines our peace and happiness, and the stress it creates hurts those around us and causes creates conflicts in our relationships. And we are usually in denial that we are behaving in ways that hurt us or those around us.

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One example is workaholics, who spend all their time focusing on success, money, and/or power and leave no time for relaxation, family life, or spiritual growth.

Workaholics are usually unaware or in denial of the consequence of their single-mindedness on themselves and the effects of their pursuits on others.

Or, they may have their eyes wide open and simply not care about anything or anybody else at this point in their lives, which is of course their own choice. They just may have to face the consequences – at one time or another.

Staying Calm, Keeping Balanced, Allowing for Reflection

Another example is people who are caught up in business – either to avoid their problems or emotions or simply because being busy has become a habit.

Either way, it is the unconscious driving forces from Humanity’s and our personal past histories that create a distorted picture of reality causing us to allow for imbalances in our lives.

And with all we have been through lately, we may have defaulted to state – even if we had led more or less balanced lives before.

We are now starting to understand that:

?Staying balanced within ourselves is a vital part of our mental – and physical health.

This is usually related to health, family life, career, or our happiness and ability to connect to the subtleties in life. To feel joy. To feel peaceful. We need to ask ourselves whether or not our life choices and decisions will bring us peace of mind, contentment, and ultimately make us happy.

Most of us have at least – at one time or another gotten caught up in the business of life and feeling the necessity of being in competition with others.

?Being compassionate and fair towards others is also part of our mental – and thereby our physical health.

We do not have to be greedy or in competition with others. These bring down our being and cause fractures in our connection to Universal flow.

We now know that there is enough love, success, and material goods to go around – for us and everyone – and that the Universe operates under the principle of abundance.

However, to be open to the universal gifts offered we have to maintain a strong connection to Universal flow. This connection is weakened when we are unbalanced.

When we live unbalanced lives the important things that ultimately fulfill us suffer

In his transformative healing sessions, Gerry Clow reminds us that as a society we have tipped the scales way off-center as we have replaced the subtler aspects of life with the harsher ones:

“Most of our lives we are reactive, rather than reflective. We spend our time searching, not sourcing; looking, not listening; finding, but not feeling. We involve ourselves in life, forgetting often how to evolve ourselves in life, not realizing it’s essential – and healthy – to be on both pathways at the same time.” (1)

We inherited these attitudes. But we now know how destructive they are to our personal happiness and spiritual growth.

Staying Calm, Keeping Balanced, Allowing for Reflection

As we continue through hopefully what will be the last stretch of the restrictions put upon us, let’s use any quiet time that could be seen as a negative and turn it into a positive by Staying Calm, Keeping Balanced, and Allowing for Reflection so that we come out of this stronger than when we entered this crazy time.

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1) Gerry Clow, RPP, RCST (2014).

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