Starting with the Little Things

(This is a companion post to “Worksheet 19: Small Attitude Shifts I Can Start With”  See here for link)

Our unconscious doesn’t distinguish between small and large issues. So, when wanting to improve our life any small shift in any negative attitudes, habits, or behaviors is helpful for our overall future.

We can start by noticing the little things in life we do or attitudes we hold that keep us disempowered and/or distanced from others. What makes us feel bad, annoys or angers us, steers us into losing our peace, or reinforces our passivity.

The first principle of A Course in Miracles is that there is no hierarchy of illusions. We are either aligned with our True Self (Source), or we are misaligned from it. We either experience the love it holds, or we do not. We either feel empowered, or we do not. We are either able to extend love’s qualities, or we are not able to.

While it may appear that making peace with (forgiving) small issues say, like the guy cutting us off in traffic, can’t do much to change our thought process and positively impact our default attitudes and behaviors, they do. Small shifts start the ball rolling!

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Archetypes Act As Conduits to Help Us, and to Strengthen Latent Qualities Within Us

Our higher self is on board with us wanting to be happier, more peaceful, and feeling empowered. And consistently making small attitude shifts has a huge impact on our psyches. Our thought processes and behaviors will automatically start to shift when we continue to consciously choose positive ones.

When we make the effort to shift our propensity to react negatively to even minor upsets and reap the benefits of feeling more peaceful, we are encouraged to continue with more peaceful responses.  Our trajectory starts to change.

For those of us who tend to be passive, taking small steps like speaking up with regard to minor matters builds confidence. In continuing to speak up we will feel more empowered. We will become more confident around bullying, controlling, or manipulative people. This is an immeasurable self-esteem booster!

Starting with the Little Things

Once we recognize how much better we feel when we exchange calm responses for aggressive reactions, or how confident we start to feel when we speak up for our self instead of burying our thoughts, ideas, or feelings, we are ready to tackle larger issues.

Here are a few better attitude suggestions:

  • We can replace judgment with acceptance!
  • We can replace blame with understanding!
  • We can replace anger with self-control!
  • We can replace indifference with empathy!
  • We can aim to replace that which causes discord with that which embraces harmony!
  • We can speak up for our self!
  • Ensure we are heard!

(Companion post “Worksheet 19: Small Attitude Shifts I Can Start With” helps us investigate small attitude shifts we can make. See here for link).

To get the ball rolling all we need is a little awareness and willingness. Awareness of who we are being. And willingness to make any necessary attitude shifts.

And once we are comfortable with forgiving the little things, we are then better equipped to deal with any larger or more sensitive issues that may be holding us from our Best Self.

Starting with the Little Things

When we understand that we have all been unconsciously influenced by Humanity’s past and are only starting to become aware of how to overcome the negative programing we have all inherited, it is easier to – forgive another who has not yet made that connection and is still under the influence of his or her unconscious influences. We all have our own timeline to undo this programing.

And as we begin addressing the small areas where we are not aligned with loving thoughts, attitudes, words, or actions, it is easier to understand others who are still misaligned.

We may have been told – and believe with our mind that we are unconditionally loved and forgiven for all our errs in perception and that there is no hierarchy of illusions regarding forgiveness from God, (Spirit, Source, or whatever we call the universal creative force) for what we have or have not done. However, our unconscious does not believe this.

In reality we exist in a holographic universe. What we see, hear, and feel from our 3D perspective is only a limited view of reality. Just like we now know we use only 10% of our brain’s potential, we are becoming aware that our perceptual awareness of reality is also very limited. That time is an illusion. That our separateness is an illusion. That we are all connected. That our higher selves work together.

Starting with the Little Things

So, when we choose to not react negatively to say, the guy who cuts us off, not only do we feel more peaceful, raise our vibration, and become more aligned with our True Self, from this higher perspective of our connectedness we also affect the other person. They will not feel the forgiveness for their err of perception of who they or we are on a conscious level, but their unconscious does.

And by forgiving, I mean making peace with what another has or has not done – in our mind. It is an attitude shift. A shift in consciousness. Actions can follow, but making peace in our mind with others or situations it engages our higher self. It raises our consciousness.

Forgiving our self – and others – for the smaller and larger errs we and they have made have made heals us and heals them. The more we do this and the more of us do this the more we raise the vibration of the world. It helps raise Humanity’s consciousness. And this raises the Planet’s consciousness.

Humanity is experiencing a huge shift in consciousness. And we are all contributing. We are all on an upward trajectory.

At first it may not feel natural to consciously choose better attitudes and actions. It takes time and practice to override inherited attitudes. And we will forget. Still, we must focus on and be proud of any small and inconsequential progress we make.

Starting with the Little Things

And until it comes naturally to feel positive and loving, to be loving towards others, and to forgive even small affronts against us we can help ourselves along by pretending: we can fake itOur unconscious doesn’t know the difference and Spirit understands what we are trying to do – and supports our efforts.

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~Rosemary McCarthy©  September 7, 2018.

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