Reconciling the “Truth of Who We Are” With the “Truth of Who We are Being” Is what Will Set Us Free  

The Truth Will Set You Free is a well-known saying that has been used for ages and in many contexts. It’s original meaning was that connecting to the truth of who we are will set us free. We all emerged from love, and at our core we are all still connected to that pure unconditional love – this is our truth. However, eons ago this connection became weakened as some embraced attitudes not of love. As these played out we became ensnared in unloving, aggressive, and cruel attitudes and behaviors. Eventually these became the norm.

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We still hold a spark of our truth – that unconditional love – within our hearts, but it is often buried deep under the layers of the effects the negative attitudes Humanity embraced. (There are more details of how this all came about at the end of the article). Most individuals today are somewhat connected to the love within, or at one time or another have had a memory of that spark awakened. A baby’s smile, a spectacular sunset, or a beautiful or powerful piece of music can reawaken it within us.

This connection to our truth allows us to feel love, be happy, feel empowered, and to express love out into the world. And when we do so more of the same is returned to us. It is a wonderful way to live. If everyone was able to connect to the truth of who they are and experience its benefits we wouldn’t have any conflicts in the world.

When our connection to our truth – the love within – is strong it can express itself in many ways. Here are some:

  • We are happy, positive, and feel at peace with our self;
  • Life feels like a wonderful challenge, or a game;
  • We can tap into joy; we seek out what brings us joy;
  • We create balance in our life; we may work hard, but know when to pull back to re-energize our self;
  • We feel empowered, and are able to stand up for our self;
  • We are self-assured, and know what we want in life;
  • We are confident, assured enough to go after what we want in life, and can easily connect to our life/soul purpose;
  • We respond calmly to negativity in people or disagreeable situations (instead of reacting negatively);
  • Our attitudes and actions create harmony around us; we aim to unify and reconcile;
  • We uplift others;
  • Our relationships are harmonious;
  • We can extend love, compassion, and acceptance to others;
  • We help others when asked, or when needed, but avoid getting involved in the drama of situations;
  • We are genuinely happy for others’ accomplishments.

This is our potential. It is actually our inheritance to be able to feel and therefore act in loving ways. However, very few of us are completely connected to the truth of who we are, and so most of us cannot feel or express all of its qualities. Many of us cannot feel or express many of them. And still some of us cannot connect to or express any of love’s qualities.

This is simply a result of being trapped in the negative aspects of what Humanity as a whole created in the past, and then unknowingly perpetrated. If we are not happy, often feel angry or frustrated with our self, others, or situations, do not feel empowered in life, and/or do not have harmonious relationships our connection to our truth is weak. Reconciling the truth of who we are with the truth of who we are being can strengthen it.

It was Jesus who originally spoke the words “the truth will set you free” to his listeners. He further explained that they must turn away from sin and follow his teachings, such as being loving, compassionate, and forgiving. Today we do not talk of sin as the people in those days did, but rather of being misaligned from our truth  ̶  the love within  ̶  the love Jesus spoke of, was attuned to, and was encouraging his followers to align with. Any negative behaviors, or “sinning ways” as the ancients and some still call it, are the result of this misalignment.

Embracing love’s qualities, like being loving, compassionate, and forgiving aligns us to the love within  ̶  the truth of who we are. When we cannot, or will not, adhere to these or other concepts of love, we are misaligned from our truth. All of our issues arise from being misaligned from this love we emerged from.

The Masters came to teach us to realign with that love. However, in doing so they also had to point out how being misaligned showed up. We interpreted this as judgment, but they were simply showing us how our attitudes and behaviors are expressions of us being aligned or misaligned to our truth so that we could make any necessary changes and reap the benefits of being aligned to it.

To experience the benefits of connecting to the love within the truth of who we are we have to ensure we are aligned with love’s qualities. Our thoughts, attitudes, words, behaviors, and ways of being in and in response to the world dictate what we are aligned to. When they align with the concepts of love, love and its qualities will flow through us, and much of our life will be positive: it will be enjoyable and satisfying. When our approach to life and the world does not align with the concepts of love, much of our life will be negative: we will find it frustrating and difficult.

Most of us have been affected one way or another by the negativity and divisive attitudes Humanity passed on through the generations. For some of us this affected our life directly through harsh, unloving or controlling ways, mental and/or physical abuse, or even cruelty, and we have had to deal with the repercussions. For others of us the influence was subtler, and limitation, manipulation, biases and prejudices, the need to play by outdated or strict societal rules, and many other unempowering attitudes were ingrained into us – either about us or others. Many limiting shoulds and should nots developed from these influences. This all created negative unconscious influences within us that manifest in our thought patterns, attitudes, what we believe, how we behave, and even our words, tone, and body language when communicating with others.

Many of us have dealt with the issues that have arisen and overcome our propensity to negativity that either hurt us, or that we aimed at others. But many of us have not dealt with the effects of what was put upon us. We may not have known how to, or, we may not even have known that we could, or should, feel, react, or behave any other way than what arises in us – what we default to. Unconscious negative influences can cause us to be overly-sensitive, reactionary, and act aggressively, while at the same time defensive of how we are being.

These ways of being in the world we unknowingly inherited can affect us directly, impact our relationships, or influence how we view, navigate, or deal with the world. But it is not our fault! We did not know we were carrying, or passing on, leftover baggage from a past we were not even a part of. However, we have recently learned that we can overcome past influences.

By undertaking practices to connect to the truth of who we are, while at the same time acknowledge any thoughts, words, attitudes, or behaviors that are not of love and consciously direct them to align with the qualities of love we strengthen our connection to it. This is the reconciling of the truth of who we are with the truth of who we are being.

We have always had this ability to choose, and change if necessary, what we align with and thereby create the life we want, but the knowledge of it was lost to us over the ages. It was actually hidden from us by those in power to control us.

If we do not have or are not who we want to be in life we can ask our self: Who we are being? Recognizing who we are being allows us to acknowledge where we are misaligned from the truth of who we are – and therefore the love within it. Understanding that we are love at our core but have somehow become misaligned from it, we can examine how our thoughts, words, attitudes, and actions may be holding that misalignment in place and keeping us from becoming our Best Self. Most of us have or have had unconscious influences that cause us to feel, react, or act badly. And many of these are subtle and hard to pinpoint. Below are a few examples.

We may feel justified in our demands for attention from a loved one and often feel hurt when they do meet our emotional needs, but we may actually be overly needy because of a lack of attention from an emotionally distant upbringing that we never addressed. We may think we are not prejudice towards a particular group of people, but upon re-examination or by reading about or listening to those who have lived with the prejudice, we find that we are – not overtly in our actions, but in the subtle nuanced ways attitudes or even body language can slip into how we address others or view the world.

We now understand  the need to address our issues so that we can feel happy, be empowered, and live harmoniously with others. And society is now ready to acknowledge, deal with, and heal the unfairness and inequalities we have put upon many groups of people, as the full scope of the abuse and prejudice is now all being brought to the surface. However, our propensity to be negative, judgmental, and prejudice is insidious. We must become aware of our tendencies and consciously address and decide to change them. We must shift our default position – and this takes time. So we have to be patient with ourselves and others as we all learn to be more fair and loving towards all people.

Below are some comparisons of attitudes and behaviors that come from being connected to our truth with others that express themselves when we are not connected to our truth. These can help validate that our connection is strong, remind us of how far we have come if we have been working on self-improvement, or even show us an area that we can work on to help us become all that we were meant to be.

  • Am I generally happy, or do I often feel discouraged, listless, depressed, or lack the energy to do things.
  • Do I have a positive, optimistic outlook on life in general, or am I negative and pessimistic?
  • Am I loving and accepting towards myself, or am I critical and judgmental of how I think and behave?
  • Do I allow myself to embrace joy and small pleasures in life, or do I feel these have no value?
  • Can I connect to joy, or do I know how to or even believe in or understand the concept of joy?
  • Do I do my best and then let things fall into place, or do I try and control or micromanage everything around me leaving me frustrated, exhausted, and even angry at those around me for not doing what I feel is their part?
  • Am I generally easy-going and respond calmly to people and events, or do I push against everything, create barriers, and make things more difficult than they need be?
  • Do I take criticism or disappointment in stride, or do I take things personally and easily feel hurt, and/or lash out?
  • Do I calmly and confidently address hurts, unfairness, and disappointment, or do I bury my feelings and emotions?
  • Do my thoughts, words, attitudes, or actions promote positive outcomes, uplift others, and create unity and harmony in my sphere, or do they create negativity, tear others down, and create conflict and divisiveness around me?
  • Can I see the best in people, or am I inclined to focus on others’ misalignments from their truth?
  • Am I loving and accepting towards others, or am I judgmental of them?
  • Am I accepting of others’ preferences, habits, or idiosyncrasies, or do I belittle and criticize them for their different ways than mine?
  • Can I discuss calmly, or am I combative and anger easily?
  • Do I empower others, or do I diminish and/or try to control them?
  • Do I take responsibility for my errors or face situations that simply arise, or do I blame others, God, or …?
  • Can I forgive easily, or am I resentful, hold grudges or am vengeful?
  • Do I create harmony in my relationships, or am I negative and confrontational often creating discord with those close to me?

Once we know where we are misaligned from our truth we can work on shifting any attitudes or misperceptions about life, others, or the world that are keeping us from being our Best Self. When we are stuck in one or more negative attitudes we usually can’t pin-point exactly what led to it coming about – nor do we need to. This tendency has been brought forward from Humanity’s past and infused into our familial, social, cultural, and religious backgrounds.

For us here now, it is usually one or some combination of these past influences combined with our innate personalities that has caused an attitude or behavior that has kept us misaligned from the love within. But we can shift our attitudes, change our behaviors, and positively affect how we feel and how life unfolds. Getting professional help if we are deeply stuck in negativity or have a serious addiction is always recommended.

Consciously aligning with the concepts of love moves us closer to aligning with it – to our truth – the truth of who we are. The more we embrace what makes us happy and brings us joy the more we are connecting to the love within. However, we have to believe that feeling good, being happy, experiencing joy, and being empowered in life is not only an option and our inheritance, but our raison d’être.

The more we connect to the love within, the more we can extend it to others and out into the world. The more we extend love outwards, the more it is returned to us. We must consciously take the first few steps to being more loving, grateful, positive, and uplifting, but we will soon see the benefits as our life will start to flourish.

What Caused the Disconnect from Our Truth?

Eons ago, and at levels beyond our awareness, choices were made that went against love – against our true nature. We lost our connection to the concept of unconditional love, the Oneness inherent in it, and the power of unity consciousness. Humanity became ensnared in negativity (fear, hate, greed, blame, pride, judgment, prejudice, cruelty, and a belief in lack, etc.) and we adopted attitudes and actions in response for survival. This caused our connection to the love within and the power it held to fade.

Whereas once we responded with empowerment, limitlessness, and unity, a new normal started to develop, and we began to react in fear, as victims, embracing divisive attitudes, and becoming limited in our expectations. These attitudes perpetrated themselves throughout history, and our sense of empowerment and expectations diminished to such an extent that we forgot there was any other way to approach life – even when there was no threat or limits put on us. We forgot about the Oneness paradigm – that empowering others ultimately empowers us as it strengthens our connection to unconditional love.

To reconnect to the truth of who we are we have to embrace and express love’s qualities, and break through any barriers that now stand in the way to aligning with it. We break through these barriers by acknowledging and understanding the truth of who we are being – so that we can overcome any false premises they are built upon, like I am …; I can’t …; he/she is …; I shouldn’t …; he/she shouldn’t …; they are …; they shouldn’t …; I-am-better-than-you; and we-are-better-than-them, and reclaim our sense of empowerment, limitlessness, and unity consciousness.

© Rosemary McCarthy, June, 2017, updated December 2017

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