Universal Truths and the Masters Messages Come to Us in Many Ways

Portals and Vortexes

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Portals and vortexes are energetic openings. Solid forms, such as powerful artifacts like the Arc of the Covenant, megalithic structures like Stonehenge, and high-level energetic stones, crystals, or technologies have been imbued with powerful alchemic energies and act as portals or gateways to other dimensions. Certain places can also act as strong energetic gateways, and portals can open in areas where a sacred event was held. Places that were once gateways can and have maintained their energetic openings, such as in Machu Picchu. Cosmic alignments also cause gateways to other dimensions to open during certain time frames.

Throughout Humanity’s history portal openings have been given to us so that we can step out of the limited 3rd dimensional awareness we have been stuck in for so long. These openings allow our consciousness to expand. When in a state of expanded consciousness, we sense, feel, and become aligned with the universal love and Oneness we emerged from, and are still a part of. This helps us attune to our True Self, which motivates us to become our Best Self. This connection to our True Self allows us to find peace within our self, encourages us to do the things that bring us joy, inspires us to reach for our dreams, and guides to find our soul/life purpose. As we have been attuned to the universal love and Oneness around us, we are able to recognize it in others. Our relationships improve and we experience more harmony in our lives, because we are able to extend the love we have experienced and the compassion and understanding this brings with it to those we come in contact with.

Portals to the higher dimensions are imbued with healing energies. These create impulses in us to release fears, limitations, and what we no longer need to hold onto to feel safe. They allow for new ideas to come through us or to be brought to us. The energy of portals to the higher dimensions allows what is not of love, within us or about others, to be recognized and acknowledged. We can then deal with what is keeping us from accessing the love within, or love and understanding for others.

Although portals are powerful energetic gateways to the higher dimensions in the Universe, we have access to any of the 12 levels within the 3rd dimension Humanity has occupied for eons (of the 12 within our Universe). The vibrational signature of our Life Matrix* (see below for definition) dictates where we reside within our 12 dimensions. However, we can move through the various levels in our lifetime, and even on a daily basis, by the vibrations our thoughts and attitudes create.

Our Energetic Vibration Dictates in Which Dimension We Reside

When we are angry, cruel, unfair, judgmental, lash out at and/or blame or hate others, or are constantly creating chaos around us we are existing within the lower echelons of the 3rd dimension. When we are contended and life is going our way and is reasonably harmonious, we are existing within the middle levels of the 3rd dimension. And when we are happy, joyful, perfectly contented, are able to create the life we want, and can extend love and compassion and live harmoniously with others, we are existing on the highest levels of the 3rddimension. We can live our entire life within the lower levels of the 3rd dimension, at the middle levels, or at the highest levels. And at any point in life we can shift levels, either for a short time, or never return to our previous level.

What we do, what we watch, and who we hang out with can also affect our vibration. Engaging in lower vibration activities, such as aggressive video games, or even witnessing harshness or cruelty on TV can lower our vibration. Being engaged in higher vibration activities, such a light-hearted gathering with friends or family, listening to beautiful music or an inspiring talk, or watching an uplifting TV show can raise our vibration. So can laughter, prayer, meditation, yoga, etc., or being in nature.

Depending on where our energetic vibrations are from moment to moment, we can even vacillate between different levels within a day. For example, if we are generally happy and contented but something triggers anger in us and we remain angry and fall into blame, judgment, or revenge scenarios we have tumbled down a few levels. The reason it is so important to override these or any other negative attitudes and their behaviors is that we can get stuck in the negativity of the lower levels. Until recently it has not been commonly known or understood that negativity breeds negativity, or that positivity breeds positivity. Our thoughts and attitudes create vibrations and wherever these land us within the dimensions becomes our current set-point.

The lower dimensions are dense and murky and weigh us down emotionally. This makes it harder to be positive. Life seem more difficult existing in the lower levels of the 3rd dimension, partly because of its denseness, but also because our vibrations attract more of the same, so negativity surrounds us. The lower dimensions are also harder to override, as the murkiness holds us down.

The higher dimensions are lighter and energize us. They make it easier to be loving and positive. Life seem easier existing on these higher levels because of their lighter energetic makeup, but also because we attract more positivity around us. And the ease, joy, and lightness of existing in these higher dimensions inspires us to reach to even higher levels.

We Can Create Portals to the Higher Universal Dimensions

Portals, vortexes, or energetic pathways can also be created through a concentration of positive energy during a gathering. The energy that is created and uplifts us from an inspiring speech, sermon, or spiritual gathering, at a great music concert, the perfect sports move or performance that awes us, or an event that brings us together for a good cause, all create portals or vortexes from the accumulated energy of the participants and spectators. Through the experiences these bring us we are reminded that our hearts can expand to feel more than what our every-day living allows.

Rick Hansen offers an inspiring example of how the energy created by embracing a higher purpose can move us and expand out heart-opening. In May 1987, I was in Vancouver the week Hansen was finishing up his eighteen-month Man in Motion World Tour of over thirty countries. His dreams of being an athlete and of an adventurous life abruptly changed at the age of fifteen when he lost the use of his legs in an accident. After many years of struggling with this new reality, he eventually became fueled by a vision of bringing awareness to and creating better accessibility for those in wheelchairs, and set out on this tour. I didn’t know much at all about him or the details of his trek, but I was in Vancouver as he was to arrive in town on the final leg of the tour, and I stood in the crowd and waited for him to appear. As he approached, a heightened excitement welled up in me. This surprised me greatly. I had not yet embraced any spiritual concepts or practices that could account for this, but later when I had, I realized that this heart-opening I experienced had come from him and what he had created. Hansen may not have been a religious or spiritual master, but I could certainly sense the uplifting energy that surrounded him. With his authenticity of purpose, he touched many with his fearlessness, courage, and the awareness he brought to the issues of paraplegics. At the same time his energetic output created a vortex around him that allowed witnesses to experience heart-openings they may not have even been aware they could tap into.

Hard work, determination, and purposeful energetic focusing can also create a vortex. During the 2014 Sochi Olympics, a palpable positive energy was created by the Russian figure skaters. Evgeni Plushenko was the first to skate in a group event, and as soon as the music began, he surged with confident energy. Throughout the performance, the audience was so silent and captivated you could hear a pin drop: his skating was flawless. Plushenko’s moves were perfectly in step with the music and together this created a perfect rise and fall of sensitivity and intensity, culminating with the music intensifying urging him to a dynamic conclusion. As the other Russian skaters took to the ice during the same event, they also performed with that perfect combination of energy and confidence. While witnessing this, I thought that these Russian skaters must have had strong guidance individually and as a group to create such positive, uplifting vibrations. Kurt Browning, the announcer, voiced exactly what I felt by saying something to the effect that these Russians were working at such a high level that they had “created a vortex.”

Cosmic Portals

Throughout history many cosmic portals have opened up. The energetic openings around these time frames created an atmosphere for spiritual awakening, and they brought forth great teachers to guide us. And although comic portals are often associated with specific dates, like with December 21st, 2012, the powerful energy they bring with them that creates the impetus for change and spiritual growth can last for years, decades, or even centuries.

Around 400–500BC the Greek truth-seekers in the West and Buddha in the East brought their new ideas and philosophies to us. 2000 years ago, Jesus appeared with his teachings of love, compassion, and forgiveness. Later on, around 600AD Muhammad came along with his message of unity and that we must show mercy and compassion for all mankind, even the animals. The years around 1400–600AD offered great opportunities for change. Martin Luther challenged the limitations the Catholic church had put on its devotees, disputed the need for sacrifice to attain salvation, and under this premise broke away from the established church to start a new one. This Renaissance period brought us many artists whose works could break through the barriers of our hardened hearts, giving us the opportunity to see life and others through a softer lens. The cosmic portals to the higher dimensions that were created through all these time frames were aimed to help us override our propensity to see ourselves, others, and the world through the limitations and harshness of our 3rd dimensional perceptions. The energy these portals brought forth was carried forward creating a snowball effect, and although most people at the time did not embrace the changes, new ideas, or philosophies proposed, they are still considered periods of great enlightenment because the impact of these cosmic time frames is still influencing us.

More recently, the powerful cosmic portal openings of the 1960’s and of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 (which lasted until December 2012) brought impulses to overcome what is negative within us –  individually and as a collective. This encouraged us to recognize, unearth, and bring to attention what is not of love. The recent focus on addressing the abuse, prejudice, and corruption that has been prevalent in our society is due to this powerful cosmic force.

Even more recently, another major portal opened in December 2012. Many say this portal is ushering in a time called the Shift, and it is aimed to help bring about our and Gais’s Ascensions – a time of great cosmic and conscious awakening for Humanity that was written in the stars. This cosmic opening brought with it much healing universal light and uniting transformative love. It has ushered in waves of such healing and unifying proportions that more individuals than even feel inspired to embrace what is positive and find their empowerment while turning away from negative and disempowering attitudes; as a collective, we now not only feel motivated, but obliged, to respond to the plights of any who are disenfranchised and/or who have been victims of unfairness, prejudice, or hate crimes. Humanity is embracing this Shift – one that is written in the stars – we are responding with great aplomb.

This most recent portal opening will continue to shower us with light and love for all, and for everything, including our Planet. It has helped us turn the corner from a society that was based on fear, blame, hate, control, greed, revenge, unfairness, prejudice, inequality, and divisiveness, to one based in love, understanding, compassion, acceptance, sharing, equality, fairness, and unity – for all.

*Life Matrix: Is the lens through which we see and navigate the world. It holds all our underlying perceptions or misperceptions and all our unconscious influences. It supports what we think we need to be, as well as what we think we need to do to uphold our perceptions, whether real or false. (chapter 1)

This article is an expansion of the section “Portals / Vortexes” from chapter 6, Words, Symbols, Rituals, Concepts and Prayers.

 © Rosemary McCarthy, (originally posted October 2016,

updated April 2017).

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Here is a peek into a bit more in the book:

The truth of who we are lies quietly in wait just below the surface of any false illusions we may have inadvertently constructed. (Introduction).

Whether positive or negative, our unconscious beliefs act upon us without our consent, or real knowledge of why. (Chapter 1, Why We Are the Way We Are)

We were not sent away by a vengeful God, but as we bough into the ego or Satan’s deception that we had broken our connection to our Source, we were filled with remorse, guilt, and fear. Fear of retribution and the projection of that fear with its ensuing shame and guilt into judgment of others, is the basis of the human predicament. (Chapter 1)

Powerful shifts will occur in us when we acknowledge the truth of who we are, while at the same time reconcile the truth of who we are being. (Chapter 2, Universal Laws / Kingdom Principles)

Our capacity to love others is in direct relationship to how much we love ourselves. (Chapter 3, What We Can Do About It)

Don’t wallow in what you have or haven’t done—don’t get stuck in the darkness. (Chapter 4, Along the Way)

Overcoming current life lessons is our soul’s journey on a micro level. Overcoming all concepts of separateness and eventually completely aligning with the Oneness is our soul’s journey on a macro level. (Chapter 6, Words, Symbols, Rituals, Concepts, Prayers).

We can reconcile our apparent relationship with extra-terrestrials with our belief systems. (Chapter 7, Science).

Our need to reconcile what we put upon the Indigenous peoples is in direct relationship to our countrys’ successful advancements. (Chapter 9, The Planet and Abundance)

At levels beyond our awareness we chose to be here at this time of ‘The Shift’ to help bring about our and Gais’s Ascensions. (Chapter 10, Ascension).


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