October 2018 Newsletter – Making Changes / Embracing New Ideas

As Humanity continues to evolve, we are all being guided to shift, change, and be open to new ideas.

Society is evolving. It is making major shifts in how we deal with each other. We are embracing new ideas- like fairness and equality for all. We are changing how we view others. How we treat people – no matter how different they are than us. This is not easy for everyone, however, to create the world we all want society has to change its perspective.

Individuals are also being guided – nudged to evolve. To shift ideas we have created of how our lives should be. Things around us are changing. Evolving. And we have to adapt. Universal forces are pushing us to replace what is keeping us living life from a limited perspective to embracing what will open us up to greater possibilities.

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~  Rosemary McCarthy©, October, 2018.

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This article/post was inspired by the changes that came about as I decided to offer the concepts in my first book Your Journey to Peace … (see here)  in smaller formats.

See here for information on the first 3 books in my new ‘Our Journeys to Peace’ Series

Why We Are the Way We Are – due out in November

Becoming our Best Self – due out December

Relationships in an Evolving World – due out early February





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