Newsletter September 2019, I Have Evolved So May Have You

As I wrap up Book 2, Overcoming Unconscious Influences,*  of my new series I discuss some of the nuances to becoming our Best Self. I explain that we must not only forgive those around us for what they have or have not done, but we must also allow for them to have evolved past who they were then – just as we have likely evolved from who we once were. *(Title has recently been changed from Becoming Your Best Self).

Unless we see others as they are today – not through echoes of how they may have been in the past when they hurt us, acted badly, or they were negative, judgmental, or aggressive, we are keeping how they were alive in us. We are keeping the hurt alive in us, or, we are allowing the negativity they spewed a space in our being.

To evolve, we must relinquish our emotions and judgments around negative attitudes and behaviors: ours – those of others and those from both the present and the past.

We are living in a time of great evolution. Of personal, spiritual, and societal evolution. As individuals, we are meant to evolve. However, we all evolve in our own way and on our own timeline. And the social structures that support the ideas that flow out of evolutionary moves forward follow – at least in democratic societies.

As humans we have always longed for love, fairness, compassion, and inclusivity. It is a memory of what once was – before form. We have been frustrated why others can’t extend these, and baffled why society can’t create the structures that support them. Our frustrations reflect what we know can be, should be, but what is not.

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 ~  Rosemary McCarthy©, Sept 20, 2019

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