Newsletter May 2019 – Inviting Grace into All We Do

Grace quiets our ego mind. This allows for our neediness, negative thought-patterns, and slew of constant desires to subside, creating space for personal and spiritual growth.

The purpose of prayer, meditation, and spiritual practices is to quiet our mind so that we can tap into the love, joy, and sense of peacefulness within. They connect us to our essence. And allow for grace to flow to and through us. However, we can find the love, joy, peace, connection, and allow for grace to fill us up in many other ways.

When we are joyfully focused, are able to awaken a sense of wonder, or bring an attitude of heartfelt service into whatever we are doing, what we are doing becomes like a meditation. We become open to receiving grace.

Eckhart Tolle tells us in A New Earth that “Expansion and positive change on the outer level is much more likely to come into your life if you can enjoy what you are doing already.”

Whatever we are doing at any moment in time can fill us with grace
 if we bring the right attitude to it.

Newsletter May 2019 - Inviting Grace into All We Do

In the East, it is the attitude people bring to what they are doing, not what they are doing, that is considered most valuable. They believe any task done with a loving attitude and proper focus is transformative, and if done with reverence acts as a kind of worship.

When we bring a sense of reverence to every day tasks we are embodying gratitude and humility. Gratitude and humility act together to quiet the mind so we can connect to our heart-space – our essence.

And it is from our heart-space that we can access joy and peaceful feelings, and arouse a sense of awe. It is where our passions arise from.

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Seva, or selfless service, is a requirement for those who participate in Ashrams, and the helping with the menial jobs of looking after the building and property is done in relative quiet. Most who follow this practice say they feel in a state of grace when doing their assigned task.

This is not only because they are working in a holy place already imbued with grace, but also because the mindful focus on the simple task quiets the ego mind allowing for connection to and opening of their heart-space.

An open heart allows for grace to fill it up. And when done with a loving and selfless attitude any act of service uplifts us spiritually, as it is a manifestation of our connection to the Universe and the Oneness we all share.

With the right attitude, any act of service can fill us with a sense of grace.

Newsletter May 2019 - Inviting Grace into All We Do

Working directly with the earth offers us great benefits. Field workers in the East often use their work on the land as a meditation bringing a sense of reverence/worship to the tasks. For them, it is not only a service as it is part of the chain of bringing sustenance to others, because as they lovingly connect directly to the earth, they are respecting the reciprocal exchange we have with Mother Earth that many saints, holy people, and the Indigenous peoples believe we share.

Still, we can derive satisfaction from, and find peace and cultivate joy in any type of work we do, because no matter what our everyday job or passion we bring forth, we are serving others in either practical or uplifting ways.

Doing tasks with an attitude of joy and service,
we are working from a heart-centered place,
which opens us up to the flow of grace.
Doing tasks rushed or with a begrudging attitude,
we are working from a mind-centered place,
which blocks the flow to grace coming into our life.

So, as this time of year brings with its many outdoor tasks, let’s ensure we bring a positive attitude to it all so that we can enjoy the many benefits working outside offers us.

~ Rosemary McCarthy© May 2019.

Blessings to you, and I wish you a wonderful rest of the Spring!

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