Newsletter March 2019 – Inspiring Renewal In Others – Part 1 of 2

As we move out of Winter and into Spring and embrace the renewal of spirit Spring brings with it, let’s remember that our communications with others can also inspire a renewal of spirit in them, or, it can deflate them.

When our words, attitudes, and behaviors uplift and encourage others, they can more easily follow their hearts, embrace their passions, and feel empowered. And we convey that they are emotionally safe around us. Safe to express themselves fully. Honestly. To open up and speak from their heart. To be vulnerable.

Although at our highest levels of awareness we don’t need those around us to speak, be, or act one way or another to feel safe and comfortable, most of us are not at those levels. Many of us are sensitive to the nuances of what our communications with others hold – to the direct and indirect messages imparted.

It is not only the words we use that convey our messages and intentions in our communications with others, there are also many non-verbal cues that are passed on, and these cues are picked up – either on a conscious or subconscious level.

Everything we say and do is filled with the consciousness we are coming from.
We raise our consciousness by bringing love and its qualities to what we say, and do. 
These work in tandem to raise our vibration, and that of the world.

Newsletter March 2019 - Inspiring Renewal In Others

The Words We Use Do Hold Vibrations. So, let’s choose our words carefully. Choose soft words. Kind words. Encouraging words.

Our Delivery: To ensure another feels emotionally safe around us, we must ensure our tone and body language convey a sense of openness and good intentions.

Our Tone. The tone we use can completely change the meaning of our words. A soft tone conveys an openness and allows for the other to feel emotionally safe. A loud,  or harsh tone conveys a combative, judgmental, and/or bullying attitude and those more sensitive, or anyone not sure of them self at the moment will feel threatened.They will become defensive and conflict will ensue, or they will create an emotional barrier and avoid future communications.

Our Body Language. Body languages covey underlying attitudes. A soft, non-aggressive stance coveys a sense of openness and allows the other to feel secure expressing them self. An aggressive stance, like with arms firmly folded, or when physical boundaries are not respected stresses the other, and again emotional walls go up.

This message is based in concepts in my 2 books. This is the cover of the most recent.

Links with more info on both books are below.

The Intentions Behind Our Words Are Passed On. (continued in Part 2),

In Part 2, which I will post next week, I will finish the last section, as well as

Talk about “The Requirements of Good Communication Skills” which consists of:

1) Allowing for Two-Way Communication, and

2) The Importance of Really Listening.

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