Newsletter July 2019 – No Longer Missing My Kitchen Window

My July newsletter message was inspired by a realization that I no longer missed looking out of the kitchen window of my house that I sold a few years ago. Although not a big loss, overcoming the emotional attachments we have to even small things we love and find joy in is a huge spiritual growth.

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We live in an ever-changing world, and change is a natural part of everyday life. So is loss.

When changes that affect our habits or way of life are of our choosing, we are usually moving in a life-affirming direction and slip into our new roles or situations easily. However, when changes are thrust upon us – either by another, through happenstance, or caused by our bad life choices, we often find it difficult to adjust.

What is familiar to us helps us feel secure, and when what we are used to slips away without our consent and threatens our habits, daily life, lifestyle, or security it may throw us into emotional turmoil. We may become angry, depressed, and/or blame others or the world. We may feel that life is not fair. We may start to feel destabilized – as if we have nothing to hold onto.

However, minor changes that on the outside might seem like we should get over quickly can also have strong and long-lasting effects. Especially if we lose something we love and that brings us joy, like selling our house and missing our garden.

It is normal to miss something we have been accustomed to, but sometimes we develop a sense of sadness that may linger for a longer than what is normal or appropriate. It is our emotional and spiritual strength that allows us to get through loss and change more easily. If we are not dealing with change or loss fittingly, building up our emotional and spiritual strengths helps us do so. And it is working through change and loss that helps us to grow spiritually.

Spiritual growth is simply our ability to feel and express love and its qualities more than we were able to before:

  • being less reactive,
  • more forgiving,
  • able to make peace with others and changed circumstances more easily than we used to,
  • being more accepting of all others who look, think, believe, or act differently that we do rather than being judgmental of them – than we were able to before.

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