Newsletter – July 2018 – The Magic of Summertime

A Warm Welcome to my July Newsletter and its Theme

“Allowing the Magic of Summertime to Realign Us”

Summer is the perfect time to rediscover – or to discover for the first time – what makes us feel really good. To rebalance ourselves if we have become overworked, overstressed, or being overly busy.

Summertime Encourages Us – Out of Doing – and Into Being 

Our busy lives often cause us to lose track of our priorities. Get booged down in work, commitments, and schedules. This often leaves no time for relaxation. To just be. Able to feel joy.  To baskin the contentment of our lives or what we have accomplished. Tofind awe in all the magical things life has to offer. We often become unbalanced. (See below for link to full message)

Newsletter - July 2018 - The Magic of Summertime

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These concepts are from my book, Your Journey to Peace,  Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science. Read about it  here

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