Newsletter – January 2019 – Subtle Resolutions

Subtle Resolutions We Can Make

The beginning of each year brings with it hope. New possibilities. And often resolutions. As we are now a few weeks into 2019, many of our New Years resolutions may have fallen by the wayside. However, we can still aim to better ourselves in more subtle ways.

Most resolutions focus on “doing” or “not doing” – on behaviors. And as important as it is to become conscious and improve behaviors that may not be serving us, we can gain more clarity, increase our happiness and peace of mind, and improve our relationships with simple attitude shifts. We can:

Become More Positive: Our whole outlook on life will shift. A more positive attitude will invite more positive people and circumstances into our life.

When we replace anger and negative attitudes with calmness, acceptance, and more positive attitudes we feel more peaceful. And our relationships will start to improve.

Being positive allows for more openness, and openness allows for better communication, which improves and creates more harmonious relationships.

Become More Accepting of Others: As we become more accepting of others, we benefit by clearing our mind of its judgments. A clearer mind allows for more clarity regarding our path forward, and allows us to focus on more life-affirming aspects of living.

And our subconscious translates this acceptance of others as being more accepting of ourselves, helping us to overcome any self-deprecation of not being perfect.

Making Peace with Situations: We have all experienced difficult and/or unfair situations. It is only in making peace with tough situations and giving up the focus on them that we open ourselves up to better ones. Our past and society has taught us to blame, to keep the drama of it all going, and even to seek  revenge.

These attitudes only keep the negativity of situations alive within us. Letting go of the thoughts, details, and scenarios of past or current situations we don’t like and replacing them with the thoughts and dreams of what we would like to happen in our life now is what will make room in our energetic being for better circumstances to enter our life.

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Forgiving Others – Forgiving Ourselves: We have all only ever done our best within our level of awareness. Society has only recently acknowledged that compassion, understanding, equality, fairness, and acceptance are qualities that we need to adhere to become happy and contended people.

And our current spiritual awareness has shown us that happiness and contentment is our God-given right. Most of our individual pasts did not support these qualities, nor promote happiness. Neither did Humanity’s history.

It takes time to overcome our personal and collective programming. It takes understanding to forgive others for their past or present shortcomings of positive and life-affirming attitudes and behaviors.

And it takes courage to look at and forgive our past attitudes and behaviors that did not reflect what we now know we must all embrace.

So, as we all attempt to adopt these newfound ways of being and navigate the world differently, let’s remember we are all just doing our best to shift and overcome our past programming – and that we will all still falter from time to time.

Let’s remember to continue to forgive others – and ourselves when we forget to be the loving, accepting, and positive beings we were all meant to be, who are able to create harmony in our lives, and are able to feel inner peace and just BE.

As we continue to embrace all that 2019 brings with it, let’s keep the hope alive, do our best to better ourselves in whichever way is important to us, and forgive our self, and others, when we forget to be hopeful, positive, accepting, and loving.

My Best Wishes to All of You and Your Loved Ones for a Happy, Healthy, Life-affirming, and Safe 2019,

Rosemary McCarthy© January 20, 2019.

Blessings to you and all those you hold dear, 
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