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Newsletter – The Importance of Appreciation – May 2018

Welcome to my May 2018 newsletter. The theme this month is on Appreciation. Here is a peak inside.


The Importance of Appreciation

Since we recently celebrated Mothers Day and Fathers Day is fast approaching lets consider the importance of Appreciation.

Appreciation for the People in Our Lives.

Appreciation for all that We Have.

 Appreciation for the Planet’s Beauty and her Abundance.

From a Practical Perspective Being Appreciative moves us into our heart space and makes us feel good. It creates a fondness around what we are appreciating. This goes into our memory bank and we can retrieve the feeling whenever we choose to – to feel good again.

From a Spiritual Perspective Being Appreciative creates a vibration that invites more of what we are appreciating into our lives.

~ Rosemary McCarthy© May, 2018.

These concepts are from my book, Your Journey to Peace,  Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science. Read about it  here

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