Newsletter February 2020 “Putting Heart and Love into All We Do”

❤️Putting Heart and Love into All We Do

Bringing heart and love to all we do
and to all our interactions
increases the love vibe in our heart –
even if the task is menial or the other is unloving.

This article and the above quote came about as the old idea of the “mother lovingly cooking supper for her family” recently came across my awareness. I had always brushed this idea off as silly or inconsequential, but as the thought entered my mind this time so did the connection it had to what we are all now encouraged to do – to bring heart and love into all we do. Of course, today, we would modernize that idea to include all who cook (or do any tasks) for their loved ones: father, aunt, brother, sister, etc.

It seems that many of the sayings of our parents and grandparents, like “don’t waste,” “don’t abuse or misuse,” and “don’t be greedy” were wise words to live by – although at the time we weren’t (or at least I wasn’t) given reasons of why we should follow these guidelines. These were wise principles to live by, as we now see the repercussions of the waste, misuse, greediness, and abuse modern society has fallen prey to.

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With our newfound understanding of energy, vibration, and the Universal Laws of Attraction and Cause and Effect, we now realize that all our thoughts, intentions, and actions – and the energy we bring to whatever we say or do impacts how we feel, how life plays out for us, and how it affects others.

Energy and vibration are not tangible – not in a way that we can see, but in a feeling way they do affect everything. We cannot see love. We cannot see hate. But we can feel them. We can feel others’ energy outputs.

When we walk into a room where people are having fun and being light-hearted, we feel the light-hearted energy. And when we walk into a room where people are serious or arguing, we can feel the energy of that too.

So, as we go about our daily life, let’s bring heart, love, and light-heartedness to all we do. Even when doing tasks that require the brain and concentration, like surgery, accounting, driving, etc., we can still start these with a heart-felt intention – to bring the best to the task at hand.

The Value in Bringing Loving Feelings to All We Do

When we bring loving attention to any task our heart expands.

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With heartfelt love, and blessings I wish you all many expressions of love throughout the rest of February

Rosemary ❤️

©Rosemary McCarthy, February 22, 2020.

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