Love, Joy, and Interconnectedness is Our True Nature:  Abundance and Creativity is Our Inheritance

We are all love incarnate. We all emerged from the universal creative force that created and holds everything together (often called God). This benevolent force embodies unconditional love and personifies joy and interconnectedness.

We all still hold a spark of that love within us, and being aligned with the unifying principle that underlies it – a Oneness – allows us to feel our interconnectedness.

Aligned with the love inherent within us we are confident, optimistic, fearless, open-minded, and can easily answer the call of what our soul/heart whispers to us. Being loving, accepting of others, and sharing and promoting equality for all are manifestations of the principles of Oneness at work and demonstrations of being aligned with the interconnectedness within it.

Abundance, feelings of empowerment, and the ability to create are also part of our inheritance, and when we embody the qualities of love and the principles of Oneness we are able to create abundantly and feel empowered.

At our core, we are all still connected to the love and fearlessness within the Oneness we emerged from, but we have lost touch with it.

As Humanity fell deeper and deeper into the duality we chose at our beginnings, we became distanced from who we truly are. We lost our capacity to feel the love and pure joy inherent within us, and we became timid and limited in our ability to create fearlessly and abundantly.

Our sense of interconnectedness weakened, and it no longer felt natural to express and extend unconditional love, or to join with others in unity of purpose. We had become stuck in the paradigm of lack, limitation, fear, and greed and as time went on, these limiting and disempowering attitudes became our standard. We forgot there was another way to navigate life. (I discuss “our beginnings” in chapter 1, Why We Are The Way We Are).

We still hold a beautiful but distant memory of our origins, our innocence, and of the unconditional love within it. And we all now long for that love, and ache for the unbiased acceptance we know is our inheritance.

Disconnected from the love within, we seek to fulfill this yearning outside of ourselves, but as others can rarely match the unconditional love and feelings of unbiased acceptance we remember and now ache for, we are disappointed.

Our striving is often a guise to feel powerful and reconnect to our ability to create abundantly and feel empowered. However, as our connection to this innate ability is now weak, we are often ineffective and become frustrated.

Our pushiness is sometimes born of an honest desire to share and/or to help others. However, as we have lost our ability to connect to the integrity of true sharing and unity of purpose, our attempts are often misguided and/or create conflict.

When not aligned to the Oneness paradigm, our perceptions of who we, who others are, and what the possibilities are become skewed. We do not see life through love and its qualities, but through the murky lens of fear and its qualities. Rather than navigating life from the premise of abundance, fearlessness, and sharing, we approach it through lack, limitation, and greed.

Aligned to the Oneness paradigm our perceptions of our and others’ true realities are intact and our sense of interconnection is strong. This allows us to approach life based on me-and-you and us-and-others attitudes – and encourages sharing and unity of purpose.

When our connection to the Oneness paradigm is weak we misperceive who we and others are and our sense of interconnection is weak. This causes us to adopt attitudes of me-against-you and us-against-them – creating separate and conflicting agendas.

The misperceptions we inherited from our personal and collective pasts are now part of our operating system. We live under the ruse that conditional love is normal. We believe in limitation – that there is not enough love or goods to go around. We hold a false belief that we are not good enough – just as we are, and so we strive to look and be better.

Society has supported these notions, causing these disempowering beliefs to be further anchored into our psyches. And as these false premises influence our thoughts, attitudes, actions, and reactions, our belief in conditional love and limitation will continue to increase – until we consciously override it.

We have become stuck in life-approach patterns that cause us to focus on our problems and struggles instead of on the fixes and potentials. And even though our personal life experiences and personalities affect how these misperceptions and beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world around affect how we navigate life, they are still ingrained in many of us.

The attitudes Humanity has embraced and perpetuated are insidious and lurk in the deep recesses of our minds. We must become aware of how subtle negative and disempowering attitudes are affecting us as individuals, as well as the world as a whole. We must address them.

We can easily see how Humanity has been trapped and entrenched in a false paradigm based on fear and lack. It has been played out on the world stage every day, as blame, power, and control have been the mainstays of society. However, we are starting to see the cracks in this false façade.

We have not been able to see that we exist within this false, illusionary state of me-against-you and us-against-them that we unintentionally embraced, but it is what keeps us divided by luring us into separate and conflicting agendas – individually and collectively.

Until recently, we have not even known that we can, or maybe should, change or update our current beliefs, shift our attitudes, or examine our reactions. However, we can’t not know what we are now learning.

Love is better than hate. Sharing is better than greed.

Fairness is better than injustice. Acceptance is better than discrimination.

There is a unifying factor that links the Universe and everything and everyone in it together – including us. Our past has not trained us to access or tune into the unconditional love within us for our self, to extend it towards others, or to embrace a sense of unity consciousness – but this is changing.

We are now learning the importance of tuning into the love, wisdom, and power we all hold within us. We are also learning the importance of expressing love and it qualities out into the world. We are starting to embrace our inheritance!

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Our capacity to love others is in direct relationship to how much we love ourselves. (Chapter 3, What We Can Do About It).

What Is Held in Our Minds Is Reflected onto the World Stage … The Importance of Embracing Unity Consciousness: (Chapter 3, What We Can Do About It).

The highest purpose of our relationships is to work out our unconscious influences: our fears, neediness, vulnerabilities, misperceptions, and false notions about love. (Chapter 5, Relationships).

We are not exercising true free will if we live under the tutelage of unconscious influences. (Chapter 6, Words, Symbols, Rituals, Concepts, Prayers).

We can reconcile our apparent relationship with extra-terrestrials with our belief systems. (Chapter 7, Science).

The electromagnetic fields we create from our heart chakras are at least forty times stronger than those created from our brains. (Chapter 8, Health and Healing; Death and Dying).

Our need to reconcile what we put upon the Indigenous peoples is in direct relationship to our countries’ successful advancements. (Chapter 9, The Planet and Abundance).

 At levels beyond our awareness we chose to be here at this time of ‘The Shift’ to help bring about Gais’s Ascension.  (Chapter 10, Ascension).


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