Links to Aids like Relaxing/Healing Music, Meditations, Qi Gong, etc.

Links to Relaxing/Healing Music, Meditations, Chi Gong, Etc.

August/September 2020

Added September 2020

Embody Your Higher Self: Access your Inner Love and Self-Mastery – With AA Michael – 7 minutes:

From August 2020 Newsletter

Healing Music, 3 hours.

Spiritual Awakening Music – from Spirit Tribe Awakening 3 hours. (They have many on their site

Melanie Beckler. Here are a few recent meditations I have used:

Blockage Removal: Accessing Light Codes, 17 minutes:

Emergency Call Meditation 12 minutes. Use for specific concerns, like health, finances, issues with others – whatever we are concerned about or want help with:

Eckhart Tolle

Presence group mediation, 30 minutes (Watch him during video – only close eyes at end when he says to. Seeing him brings an energy I felt it:


Qi Gong, 17 minutes:


I hope these are helpful to you. I will continuously update this list as I find new ones that have at least been helpful to me.

Blessings and stay safe and well.


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