The Law of Openness – Universal Law 1 (of 6)

(Excerpt from Chapter 2, Universal Laws / Kingdom Principles)

Just as there are proven laws such as gravity that govern our physical world, there are also Universal Laws, or Kingdom Principles, that govern our Universe. The principles that govern the Universe apply, and have always applied, to everybody and everything in creation – whether we are aware of them or not. These laws and principles were set out at the creation of our cosmos, and because we emanated from and are still linked to that Universal Creative Force (known by many other names), some of these laws and principles influence us as humans.

The Universal Laws that affect us encompass the qualities, attitudes, and characteristics we need to abide by in order to align to our highest potentials and become our Best Self  ̶  here on earth, as well as to assist our soul’s journey into its next phase. How well we are attuned to and use them governs how we experience life. Spirit also has a role in our life, which I discuss below.

These laws and principles embody vibrations. They are not rules, but suggestions to live by if we want to align to our Creative Source. And they do not hold commands. They offer the whys and wherefores of how to uphold the required vibrations so that we can tune into our Source.  When our vibrations are in tune with our Source, we can tap into its unconditional love and the power it holds. When we do not adhere to these laws and principles, then by default, our vibrations are at the beck and call of our humanly influenced internal processes – our thoughts, ideas, attitudes, and judgments – which have all been heavily influenced by humanity’s negative past attitudes and behaviors. (There is more below on humanity’s negative influences).

I have grouped the Universal Laws / Kingdom Principles into six different categories. These are just general guidelines. There are others, and some people divide them up into more details, or use different names, but most of what we need to easily navigate life is contained within these six.

# 1 – Law of Openness … denotes that we have to be open  ̶  in a state of receptivity – to be able to access the love, joy, sense of empowerment and other gifts available to us from the Universe.

# 2 – Law of Authenticity

# 3 – Law of Attraction

# 4 – Law of Cause and Effect – found at:

# 5 – Law of Balance

# 6 – Law of Expansion – found at: http://yourjourneytop 

THE LAW OF OPENNESS – (Universal Law #1)

The Law of Openness suggests we have to be open  ̶  in a state of receptivity to connect to our Source. Spiritual concepts such as “the heart is the seat of the soul,” and words of wisdom like when Jesus said, “come to me like children” suggest that our hearts have to be open—childlike―to be able to attune to the universal love and the gifts available to us. Being open means living from a heart-centered place.

Living from an open heart-centered place means we can feel and accept love and compassion for ourselves, and freely offer these and other qualities of love such as kindness, understanding, acceptance, and fairness to others. Any limiting beliefs or defensive barriers (like Protective Mechanisms*) we hold blocks this openness. With an open outlook we can be confident but still remain humble. Being open we live spherically, and more opportunities will present themselves to us that we would not become aware of if our heart was closed.

Being open allows us to have faith that our needs will be met, know that what we want and request /pray for will come to us, and believe that all that was intended for our life will come about. When we are open worry does not cloud our awareness, which would affect our connection to our Creative Source. We don’t second-guess ourselves. Being confident in our future and of what will come to us we don’t feel jealous or have the impulse to manipulate others or situations, therefore we don’t undermine ourselves. Existing within this paradigm of openness and faith, we are flexible and can make peace with whatever is going in our life at the moment.

When we live from an open-hearted space, we are living at our highest, purest form. The path to the Universe and its gifts and knowledge are completely available to us: love, guidance, and information flows freely back and forth. Conversely, when we live with closed hearts  ̶  from a mind-centered place, we are living at a low, tainted level of existence: the communication lines are either infused with static or blocked completely. When the benchmarks we live by are worry, fear, control, anger, prejudice, judgment, or any other limiting or divisive factors, we are unable to take full advantage of all that is available to us as our inheritance from our Creator.

The Role of the Spirit

Although aligning our vibrations to the Universal Principles is essential, there is another component to the equation: Spirit, who acts as our partner, guide, and helper. Spirit has always been with us helping and guiding us, however many of us have not learned how to listen properly, or to ensure the communication lines between us are clear. Once we decide to look for a more positive way to be, behave, or navigate life we stoke the flame to that original link we emanated from, and our connection to Spirit becomes clearer and stronger.

Aligning our vibrations toward the lighter and higher aspects of the Universe is what we can do. Spirit, who has a consciousness, can then reach down (metaphorically speaking) and lift us up, bestowing gifts upon us. However, this only kicks in once we take the first step. A Course in Miracles tells us, “a little willingness is all that is required,” but we do have to take that first step.

Humanity’s Past Kept Us Unaware of the Power We All Hold

The power we hold as individuals and the knowledge of how to tune into it has eluded us throughout the ages. Those who were most supposed to guide, help, and protect us kept the attributes of the Universal Laws and its principles hidden from us. Church and state were the worst perpetrators. They sought to maintain control over us for their own power and gain, and in doing so, kept us dependent on them for our spiritual and physical well-being. A judgmental God was promoted encouraging fear-based living.**

Along with the powerful and the wealthy, we were held prey to the whims of those who wielded control over us. We had to play by their rules. In doing so, we adopted survival-mode attitudes and limiting, protective mechanisms. A fear mentality was further set in. We lost our innocence and sense of openness and living a heart-centered life became a distant memory as we fell deeper into mind-centered living. Our vibrations were no longer congruent to tuning into the universal powers available to us.

We were originally programmed to be able to tune into the Creative power of our Source and become empowered in all areas of our life. Although we became reprogrammed eons ago and our original wiring has been all but snuffed out, we can reignite it! It is our evolutionary time to return to our original programming. Understanding the necessity to elevate our vibrations to align with what is held in the Universe is the first step. Consciously doing it is the second step.

*Our Protective Mechanisms are the methods we use to uphold, protect, and defend false, limiting inner beliefs, biases, and insecurities. They seek to hide and mask our fears and deep-set neediness. This keeps us mentally and emotionally on guard. They create menus of how-it-should-be rules, which we use as barometers of how we think things should be compared to how we perceive things actually are. I say perceive because our unconscious influences cause us to identify situations falsely.

For example, a person may feel their spouse is not attentive enough, but it is their need for attention that cannot be satisfied. Judgments then ensue to support these viewpoints. Holding these mechanisms in place keeps our minds active with worry and our emotions taxed, even affecting our health. We continue to rely on these protective devices because we feel they keep us emotionally safe, but unbeknownst to us they cause us more stress and anxiety than facing what is behind them, and in the long this run can lead to depression, phobias, and even dependencies.

** The illusionary belief in a judgmental and vengeful God was further anchored into our belief systems because the energy of Humanity’s general negativity with its power structure and fear-based control mechanisms drew some dangerous beings from other planets to us. We became hosts for their control and greed. Although these beings were technologically more advanced than us, they were still within the illusion and under the auspices of duality with some of them exhibiting its qualities of greed and control. However, because they appeared to come from a higher place, we treated them as gods and confused them with the true creative force we emanated from.   

I further discuss other beings, the extra-terrestrials, who it is now clear visited and influenced us in the past more fully in in chapter 6, “Words, Symbols, Rituals, Concepts, and Prayers,” and in chapter 7, “Science”

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