Law of Cause and Effect – Universal Law 4 (of 6)

(Excerpt from Chapter 2, Universal Laws / Kingdom Principles)

The Law of Cause and Effect builds on the premise of the Law of Attraction. We now understand that we bring into our lives that which we ask for with our vibrations. So, it only follows that if we want a different experience than what we are getting, we need to change our vibrations to positively reflect what we want.

It also follows that if we act and react unconsciously, unaware of the vibrations we are emitting, so then to change them we must first become aware of what is driving us.  Once we are aware of what any negative attitudes, habitual responses, or long-held underlying misperceptions we hold are having in our lives, we are in a better position to change them.

Once we change our thoughts and attitudes, our vibrations shift automatically, bringing us better experiences. Because Spirit is on board with us, even the most meager of efforts benefit us. We do not even have to be aware of this vibrational shift. The understanding of this vibrational aspect has not been at the forefront of Western religious teaching, but any who have made personal shifts in attitudes have experienced the benefits.

With these shifts in thoughts and attitudes, our actions also change for the better because they are a follow-through of the thoughts and attitudes we uphold. We then have less conflict in our lives.

I have grouped the Universal Laws / Kingdom Principles into six different categories. These are just general guidelines. There are others, and some people divide them up into more details, or use different names, but most of what we need to easily navigate life is contained within these six.

# 1 – Law of Openness … denotes that we have to be open  ̶  in a state of receptivity – to be able to access the love, joy, sense of empowerment and other gifts available to us from the Universe. (See below for link to post on this law).

# 2 – Law of Authenticity

# 3 – Law of Attraction

# 4 – Law of Cause and Effect … clarifies that we are the cause of how we experience life, not at the effect of the world around us.

# 5 – Law of Balance

# 6 – Law of Expansion – see: at: 

For more general information on the Universal Laws, as well as on the Law of Openness (1 of 6), click on:

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