June 2020 Newsletter: We Can Always Dig Deeper

We Can Always Dig Deeper 

We are now all digging deeper than we thought we ever could

as we deal with, and come to terms with, what is happening to our lives.

This is a lesson that we should remember.

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I am sure we are all looking forward to the day when we can be spontaneous and spread our wings again without fear – like we used to. But for now, our wings have been clipped because of the many limitations put upon us – just so that we can be safe. It’s unnatural, unsettling, and has created much upheaval in our lives.

If asked a year ago if we thought we would be able to handle the various challenges, disappointments, and the changes now thrust upon us it, we probably would have said NO, NOT AT ALL.  But we are – at least to some degree – and as best we can.

We may hate it all, want it all to be over, sometimes get angry, and/or are fearful about the future, but still, we are dealing with it – and all of us in our own ways, simply because we have no choice.

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A few cute posts went around Facebook recently that went something like, “when asked in 2015 where you think you would be in 5 years from now, NO ONE would have gotten it right about what we are experiencing;” another one I saw said something like, “I KNOW I didn’t pray for, make a request to the Universe, or consciously manifest this.”

However, this has happened, and we are dealing with it – in different ways, to various degrees, and some days probably better than other days.

We have all had to dig in our heels and dig deeper for compassion, understanding – and patience, again, simply because we have no choice: it is our best option.

Digging deeper than we thought we ever could,

and dealing with, and coming to terms with, what is happening,

is a lesson that we should remember.

 Most of us would likely never have thought that we could manage the loss of spontaneity. With the isolation. Of not being able to regularly see, or hug, our loved ones. That we would be willing to adhere to social distancing. Get along without social functions. Of having to line up for groceries and necessities. With having to constantly disinfect everything. To wear, or see most others, with masks on. When looking down from above, it might look like a war zone or sci-fi movie here. It kind of is. And it is hard.

But we will get through it all. And hopefully for most of us, only mildly scathed. And for many of us, we will have a newfound appreciation for the small things in life, like spending quality time with friends and our loved ones in the simplest of ways. Eventually we will find a new normal in our lives, and we will be able to be spontaneous and spread our wings again without fear.

Our ability to dig deeper is a lesson we should remember and

bring forward with us when we are through all of this

to use in the future when any kind of disruption in our life occurs, or

fear about what is happening, or may happen, arises.

Because, We Now Know that We Can Always Dig Deeper!

©Rosemary McCarthy, June 24, 2020.

Stay safe, stay well, enjoy the beautiful weather, and I wish you as much joy and ease of life as possible while still staying safe and well. ???

Rosemary ❤️

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