How Embracing Our Passions Helps the World

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We all came here with a higher purpose: to learn, to experience, and to help others in life and through their life lessons. These show up as the passions within us, and they play out in many ways. Our passions always bring us joy, make us feel alive, and keep us feeling empowered. Leaning into our passions creates positive, uplifting vibrations within our being – which extends out into the world as we go about our daily life.

If your passion calls you to work for the betterment of people, animals, the Planet, or the world in general—do it! You will be bringing forth concrete efforts for change;

  • If your passion calls you to teach—become an educator! You are one of the lucky ones, as you will have the honor of guiding the next generation who have come at this time of the Shift fully open and aware of what the world needs;
  • If passion calls you to create a loving family—do it! The children you bring into the world will further our efforts to create a loving and compassionate world;
  • If you feel passionate about cooking, farming, or the food industry in general―embrace it! You will be nourishing people’s bodies, which nourishes their minds and souls;
  • If passion calls you to the business community, technical industry, or any other seemingly everyday job or career path—answer the call! You will be filling the needs of people in their day-to-day lives as well as those whose life purpose is to directly help others;
  • If you feel passionate about art, music, dance, writing, and so on—embrace it! You will be helping people connect to their heart spaces through the vibrations your creations hold.

It doesn’t matter what we do in life. What is important is that

we answer the call of our hearts, make conscious decisions, and

have passion for and bring integrity into all we do.

While embracing our passions helps the world in practical ways as we share our gifts, energy, and knowledge, it also helps raise the vibration of the Planet. As we embrace our passions we connect to the joy within. Joy has a quality of lightness of being.

We are living in a time planetary evolution. It is Humanity’s time to raise itself out of the depths of the denseness and limitation of the lower dimensions that we have occupied for eons where anger, power, greed, control, and divisiveness have reigned. It is time to embrace the lightness and expansiveness of the higher dimensions. It is our cosmic time to awaken.

Humanity is now going through a metamorphosis – the growing pains of that awakening. The conflict and chaos we now see around us and on the world stage are a result of the pushes and pulls of the new, lighter, loving, and inclusive attitudes we are being encouraged towards by universal energies smashing into the old attitudes and beliefs that still have a strong hold on many of us.

Choosing love over hate, compassion over criticism, acceptance over prejudice, harmony over conflict, and embracing what brings us joy helps to anchor in the lightness and expansiveness of the higher dimensions Humanity and the Planet are entering. And we all invited.

We can be dragged along kicking and screaming holding on to fear, blame, prejudice, divisiveness, selfishness, and unfairness, and creating conflict all around us. Or, we can come along gladly embracing the qualities of love, fairness, acceptance, and integrity, and create peace and harmony around us.

Rosemary McCarthy, October 2016,

updated December 2017

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Below is a little peak inside “Your Journey to Peace ….”

Improving our attitudes helps change the world, as every shift it attitude affects the vibration of the Planet as a whole. (Introduction)

What Is Held in Our Minds Is Reflected onto the World Stage … The Importance of Embracing Unity Consciousness: (Chapter 3, What We Can Do About It).

Our Relationships Are Pre-set Soul Contracts: The highest purpose of our relationships is to work out our unconscious influences: our fears, neediness, vulnerabilities, misperceptions, and false notions about love. They are set up to bring these misalignments from our True Self to the surface – for healing. This is why we find our close relationships so difficult.  (Chapter 5, Relationships)

Being somewhat enlightened means that we have some awareness of the cause and effect of our thoughts, attitude, and actions, and of our interconnectedness. (Chapter 6, Words, Symbols, Rituals, Concepts, Prayers).

The electromagnetic fields we create from our heart chakras are at least forty times stronger than those created from our brains. (Chapter 8, Health and Healing; Death and Dying).

Our planet is a living, breathing organism … and just like us she has to cleanse herself of toxins – the physical and emotional toxins we have put upon her. (Chapter 9, The Planet and Abundance).

At levels beyond our awareness we chose to be here at this time of ‘The Shift’ to help bring about ur and Gais’s Ascensions.  (Chapter 10, Ascension).


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