What Is Held in Our Minds Is Reflected onto the World Stage

What is held in our minds and the attitudes that stem from this is reflected in society. When our minds are calm and peaceful and our attitudes express love’s qualities as we go about our day we invite more of the same into our lives, and also into our world.

When we come from a place of fear, blame, judgment, revenge or any thoughts or attitudes based in me-against-you instead of me-and-you, we not only invite divisive and disempowering attitudes back to us, we call them forth into our world.

All aspects of the universe exist under universal laws – including us. The well-known Law of Attraction translates our thoughts and attitudes as how we want things to be: it is as if we are promoting these attitudes.

We are actually inviting in more of the same – for us and around us. And so whatever attitudes individuals hold toward situations or one another play out in society. (See below for link to my post on universal laws).

This Is a Time of Huge Evolutionary Change

At this point in our evolution we are encouraged to face ourselves.

  • Who we are.
  • How we think.
  • Our attitudes.
  • What we do.
  • To shift expressions not of love to those that are of love.
  • To embrace fairness, acceptance, understanding, compromise, mediation, and to look for win-win situations.
  • We are to seek empowerment for ourselves – and for others. This Shift we are in is allowing what is not of love to rise to the surface – for healing.

(This article/blog post is based on concepts in my book Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science. Book Synopsis is found here).

Archetypes Act As Conduits to Help Us, and to Strengthen Latent Qualities Within Us

This Shift’s energy is flushing out all divisive attitudes and actions, and they will be exposed for what they are. If in our approach we judge others and focus on peoples’ differences, we create conflict.

If we do not change our methods there will be fallout, because when we create conflict it always reverberates back to us sooner or later. It also invites more conflict and divisive attitudes into the world.

We may not be able to connect the dots between what we put out there and what is happening in our lives, communities, or in the world, but if we are experiencing conflict in our lives or are upset by what is happening around us or in the world, we need first examine our attitudes. They may need an adjustment.

The issues negative attitudes bring about may not exactly reflect what was put out there, but the themes and impact will be similar. The motives at play influence what negative attitudes bring about and the mechanisms at work reflect them back in comparable ways.

Until individuals drop their propensity to judge, to blame, we relinquish our tendencies toward greed and unfairness, and shift to coming from a place of hope instead of fear, the world will not change.

As more of us drop negative, divisive, and disempowering attitudes and exchange these for expressing love’s qualities out into the world we will all start to reap the benefits.

This Shift Is Guiding Us to be Gentle and Non-combative

This Shift is guiding us to make our points to bring about equality and fairness, but in gentle non-combative ways. When we push too hard to make a point, or push against something, the Universe will push back. There will be repercussions for us individually, and for the world.

We can adopt Mother Teresa’s attitude of marching for peace, not against war – to give energy to what we want, instead of pushing against what we do not want. Although she didn’t name it, Mother Teresa lived by the Law of Attraction. All the peacemakers of the world have – in their own way.

What Is Held in Our Minds Is Reflected onto the World Stage

Having ideals and beliefs to live by can be very valuable. They give us a life framework to live by and support systems to help us. And when promoting them we are doing what we think is helpful or right.

However, sometimes we can be erroneous in our interpretation of them or misguided in our approach. Ideals from the past can also be outdated – in need of an upgrade.

In our sincere efforts to guide others to where we think our world needs to be going, we need to keep our focus on promoting what we believe and the benefits of what we are doing and why – calmly and with integrity, instead of focusing on what we think others are doing wrong or should be doing.

Even when we are sincere, doing so only endorses divisiveness: it does not promote unity or God’s love. It does not create the vibrations needed to bring about the world we all want.

So, even when we feel very passionate about something we must ensure we are presenting our point of view with compassion.

Most of us are contributing in any one of the numerous ways to bring about a fairer and more egalitarian world – some in practical ways that are outwardly visible, but many by just being loving to those around them: they are creating the positive vibrations needed to help bring it about.

Even though most of us won’t be able to make major changes in the world, we can all change our thoughts, shift our attitudes, and make small choices that are better for everyone.

We can learn to connect the dots between our actions and their consequences and thereby affect the quality of life of those around us.

Even small shifts in attitudes affect those around us, and they then affect those around them. This will then affect the generations to come.

~ Rosemary McCarthy©, April 2018.

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