Further Understanding Karma

Karma is the term used by most Eastern philosophies. The Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Balance (that I have put forth in chapter 2) are simply different and more specific ways of explaining karma.

Many have confused God’s revenge with the karmic Laws of Balance and of Cause and Effect playing out in our lives.

Proponents who say that karma affects our lives suggest that we accrue either good or bad karma by our attitudes and behaviors and that an accumulation of good karma allows for more positive life experiences and that of bad karma will lead to more negative life experiences.

We create good karma through positive, loving, accepting, and life-affirming attitudes and behaviors towards others. In how we deal with our situations at hand. Anyway we connect to or expresse our Onesness.

We create bad karma through negative, harsh, judgmental, and disempowering attitudes and behaviors towards others and how we handle situations.

It is also believed that adding to our bank of good karma can help neutralize the effects of bad karma. And we can clear bad karma by embracing attitudes and actions that deal positively and lovingly with the world around us and our life circumstances.

When people give us a hard time or unpleasant things happen to us, we are often frustrated, angry, or resentful of our circumstances. We feel like a victim or blame God.

But there are many reasons bad things happen to us. We may be inviting these experiences in through what is held in our Life Matrix (definition below). We might be clearing a karmic debt, or simply be caught in the crossfire of bad situations of what others are doing.

We can change what we invite into our sphere as well as clear our karmic debts by how we address current situations and behave towards others and the world.

Whatever is happening in our lives and no matter why, we can clear bad karma or add to our bank of good karma by our attitudes and behaviors surrounding the situation. We need not know why a particular event happened, we just have to deal positively with what presents itself now.

From her Christian perspective, Joyce Meyer says that we “add to our bank of good things to come” by forgiving, being kind, or doing the right thing. This is simply another way of explaining good karma.

However, at some level, we are usually at the cause of our current experiences, and at the deepest level we are also at the cause of what our soul’s journey dictates. Karma is also played out within our many lives through reincarnation. (My article on Reincarnation explains this and our soul’s journey more fully. You can find it here).

If we accumulate bad karma within one lifetime, at some point these debts will have to be cleared. For example, if someone has or is mistreating us, this may have been a current or past-life karmic debt that we incurred. We may have mistreated that person badly in a past life.

If we accumulate good karma in any lifetime, it will be reflected in one of the next ones. If someone is very kind or helpful to us in this lifetime it may be repayment for kindnesses we afforded them, or others, in our past life.

The Laws of Cause and Effect and of Balance are also in effect throughout our soul’s whole journey. Challenges and mistreatments may also be forgiveness lessons we chose to learn this lifetime and the other person may be fulfilling their function in our soul’s life plan.



When we deal with negative situations peacefully, we pay off our karmic debts surrounding the related issues, our vibrational makeup shifts and the issues disappear from our Life Matrix. Otherwise they remain within our emotional make-up and affect our life.

For example, until we address our tendency toward, say neediness, issues that will bring our neediness to the surface will keep showing up in our life.

(Life Matrix: Is the lens through which we see and navigate the world. It holds all our underlying perceptions or misperceptions and all our unconscious influences. It supports what we think we need to be, as well as what we think we need to do to uphold our perceptions, whether real or false.

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