Five Masters and their Different Aspects  

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To be happy, feel peaceful, and have harmony in our lives we have to make peace with (forgive) all aspects of ourselves (including our upbringing, our past, or current life situations), offer understanding to those around us, and to forgive the world as a whole (for what has gone on and what is still going on). We also have to make peace with the religion we were born into. We don’t have to embrace it, but we do have to let go of any angst connected to it and forgive how any of the original messages of its Master were corrupted. We also have to forgive what has gone on, what may still be going on, and what any of its representatives have done in its name that is not of love.

With the understanding that we are all just coming from a place of being misaligned from the love within (brought on from a decision made eons ago that we have no memory of, but that has been perpetrated throughout Humanity’s history), we can forgive ourselves and others – for what we have or have not done. We can also forgive the world for all that has transpired: cruelty to each other, the abuse of power and inequality put upon the less fortunate by those who wielded it, and how we misrepresented the Masters’ messages.

Over time, many of the messages of love, compassion, acceptance, fairness, and forgiveness they taught that unite us were replaced with those of judgment, prejudice, greed, hate, and cruelty that divide us – to such an extent that we killed each other for not following the rules we had made up. The term Holy Wars is the greatest example of an oxymoron.

Our more recent history has shown that judgment, abuse, cruelty, monetary corruption, and divisive attitudes are still widespread in many religious bodies, but this is starting to change. As society is recognizing the importance of being more accepting towards others and our differences and more and more of the abuse towards individuals is brought to the forefront, people are demanding change and reconciliation – we are ready to return to the true messages the Masters taught.

We all emerged from a Oneness – the universal God-energy – made up of light and love, and we all still hold a spark of it within us. The Masters came forth as rays of universal light from this Oneness with messages of unconditional love to help us re-connect to this universal light and love held in our hearts. This spark of light and love is now buried deep within our hearts as the darkness we unknowingly erected and perpetrated because of how Humanity evolved overshadows it. However, it can be rekindled, and this is what the Masters came to teach us to do. 

The Masters came to us through different rays of the Oneness, but they all embodied all its expressions of unconditional love. And as they came to us at different times and into different cultures their teachings held different slants. The different nuances in their teachings affected the focus of the religions that emerged later. (Illustration #20 “12 Rays Within the Illusion” in the book shows how each of these rays manifested outward separately).

Below is s brief description of some of the differences and similarities in five Masters who came to us. My explanation of them and the religions/followings that later developed is but a simple overview to show the subtle differences. This is helpful to our understanding of the different concepts highlighted in the various religions or by the followers of prophets and philosophers. It also elucidates how and why people can find personal and spiritual guidance from all of them.

Lau Tzu is commonly known to have brought us the Tao Te Ching, which focuses on embracing simplicity and suggests that we must empty ourselves of all egoic thoughts, ideas, and longings so the Tao, the primordial energy of the Universe, can flow through us. Although Taoism does not promote vegetarianism per se, its respect for all living things encourages the eating of pure, clean, energy-giving foods to promote health and longevity. This includes eating only meats that are raised in humane ways, as Taoists believe the body takes on the energy of the killing.

Krishna is thought to have inspired the Samkhya and Vedanta ways of life, which in turn later became the main philosophies of Hinduism. These teachings promote personal transformation through worship and devotion, by addressing our negative emotions and egoic passions, and through service to mankind, which they advocate is the greatest expression of our love for God. Although not all sects of Hinduism promote vegetarianism, most do. Buddhism has many of its roots in Hinduism.

Jesus is perceived by many as the prophet the Jewish people had been asking for. He brought us his message of love, forgiveness, and acceptance of all our brothers and sisters—whatever their station in life. His followers brought us Christianity, and practitioners are encouraged into prayer, worship, and helping their fellow man. Christianity does not promote vegetarianism, although some follow the ancient Abrahamic tradition of abstaining from pork.

Muhammad is considered by Muslims to be the last prophet from the Abrahamic line of great prophets. He aimed to unite the people of the area under one God, as many had strayed back to worshipping many gods and idols. He is known, loved, and followed for his promotion of social and political justice, and the Sufi sect considers his gracious character and faithfulness more important aspects to emulate than the external facets of his teachings. Although Muslims do not necessarily advocate vegetarianism, true followers abstain from alcohol and pork.

Confucius is not considered a true prophet by many, however he deeply impacted China for many centuries, and many still embrace his philosophies. He promoted adhering to positive attitudes and behaviors, good moral judgment, and ethical ideals rather than strict rules. Like Taoists, those who follow the teachings of Confucius are not necessarily vegetarians, but they do adhere to clean and healthy eating habits.

Many people find it valuable to look to a Master and to his or her teachings for guidance. The act of worshiping a Master or guru was created to open us up to the love within. Those I mentioned above, or any other being we invite to help us serve as symbols of love, and we use them until we no longer feel the need to do so. As we increasingly embrace higher-vibrational attitudes and begin to access the fourth, fifth, and higher dimensions, we will no longer feel the need to call upon them as much, as we ourselves will feel the connection to the love they represent and are guiding us to find within ourselves, without the need for them as symbols to access it.

This article is an extension of section “Masters Came to Us as Different Aspects of the Oneness” from chapter 7, Science, and is based on various concepts in the book. The chapter titles are listed in the “Book Synopsis.”

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updated June, 2017).


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Below is a peek at a bit more inside the book:

All Humanity’s issues arise from the false belief of our separateness from Source. (Introduction)

Our personal and collective attitudes have shaped our past, affect our present, and create a blueprint for our future. (Introduction)

Humanity’s history has been based on conditional love. This has created conflicting messages within us because we extol the virtues of love, but do not uphold them. (Chapter 1)

Somewhere deep within the crevices of our mind lies the cellular memories of the original feelings of living within a harmony-ruled paradigm, and so it remains a longing deep within us. (Chapter 1)

Our capacity to love others is in direct relationship to how much we love ourselves. (Chapter 3, What We Can Do About It)

We have been detached from and unaware of the unconditional love that is at the core of our being. (Chapter 4, Along the Way.)

Don’t wallow in what you have or haven’t done—don’t get stuck in the darkness! (Chapter 4, Along the Way.)

Couples are usually just smashing into each other trying to get their needs met. (Chapter 5, Relationships)

Our relationships are affected by our presumed need to maintain our masks of fear. (Chapter 5, Relationships)

We yearn for intimacy in our relationships, but the playing out of our unconscious influences drives wedges between us. (Chapter 5, Relationships)

We are not exercising true free will if we live under the tutelage of unconscious influences. (Chapter 6, Words, Symbols, Rituals, Concepts, Prayers).

We can reconcile our apparent relationship with extra-terrestrials with our belief systems. (Chapter 7, Science).

 The electromagnetic fields we create from our heart chakras are at least forty times stronger than those created from our brains. (Chapter 8, Health and Healing; Death and Dying).

Our planet is a living, breathing organism … and just like us she has to cleanse herself of toxins – the physical and emotional toxins we have put upon her. Our turbulent weather patterns are the result of her cleansing herself. (Chapter 9, The Planet and Abundance).

At levels beyond our awareness we chose to be here at this time of ‘The Shift’ to help bring about our and Gais’s Ascensions.  (Chapter 10, Ascension).


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