Ensuring a Lightness of Being – Part 2/2

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We now know that negative thought patterns and the attitudes these engender create disharmony into our life. That inflexibility and outdated ideals limit our perspectives, and deter us from becoming our Best Self.

Consciously choosing to shift any attitudes, behaviors, or beliefs that work against our personal success and spiritual growth can only benefit us, and helps to create a lightness of being.

When we adopt more positive thoughts not only do we experience more peace in the moment, but we also invite more positive circumstances into our life by the Law of Attraction.

And when we shift negative attitudes and behaviors and become open to new ways of looking at others and life, these newfound ways of being also pave the way for us to improve our relationships and generally feel more peace, joy, and harmony in our lives.

Choosing to shift any attitudes, behaviors, or beliefs requires that we becoming conscious. And becoming conscious requires that we become Mindful. Of ourselves. And towards others.

We are unaware that we have been under the influence of unconscious authority and that the separation we feel toward our power base, and each other, is an illusion. We have gone about life mindless to the effects of these false premises.

Part of ensuring we maintain a lightness of being is ensuring we are mindful, as being mindless creates a heaviness in our energetic being.

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Mindlessness vs Mindfulness

When we operate from a mindless state we act impulsively, foolishly, or single-mindedly, often blind to other possibilities and the effects our decisions will have on our ultimate happiness, or on others.

Conversely, if we are mindful when making decisions or taking action we are not in denial of the reasons for our desires or choices, and we consider their effects on others. We instinctively maintain harmony in situations.

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