Chapter Titles and Quotes from Feature Book: Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science

Chapter Titles:

Part I – Our Journeys


Chapter 1: Why We Are the Way We Are

Chapter 2: Universal Laws / Kingdom Principles

Chapter 3: What We Can Do about It

Chapter 4: Along the Way

Chapter 5: Relationships

Part II – Other Subjects Related to Who We Are, Our Journeys and the Oneness We Are a Part Of

Chapter 6: Words, Symbols, Rituals, Concepts, and Prayers

Chapter 7: Science and Other Related Topics

Chapter 8: Health and Healing; Death and Dying

Chapter 9: The Planet and Abundance

Chapter 10: Ascension

Chapter 11: The Future


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Our personal and collective beliefs and attitudes have shaped our past, affect our present, and create a blueprint for our future.

It is in the development of a consciousness of the messages we send out into the Universe and the recognition of what is returning to us that gives us control in our lives.

The Universe came about as form was needed to play out the duality we choose eons ago – before we were in form. Me-versus-you and us-versus-them attitudes that divide rather than unite us is that duality playing out.

Humanity’s issues arise from the false belief of our separateness from Source/Spirit/God.

At our core we are all the same. We all emerged from the same Source/Oneness. Focusing on our similarities rather than on our differences is what will unite us enough help bring about a fairer, safer, and more egalitarian world – where all people have the opportunities to thrive.

Humanity is going through a Shift. It is our cosmic time to wake up from the illusion of our separateness from the Oneness we emerged from – and from our separateness from each other. It is also time for us to embrace the multimensional beings that we are.

We don’t have to understand or even believe all the talk about the Shift or Ascension; we just have to embody or embrace the qualities of love.

Chapter 1

Whether positive or negative, our unconscious beliefs act upon us without our consent, or real knowledge of why.

Ideas of me-and-you and us-and-them reinforce unity. Those of me-versus-you and us-versus-them reinforce separation and encourage divisive attitudes.

Somewhere deep within the crevices of our mind lies the cellular memories of the original feelings of living within a harmony-ruled paradigm, and so it remains a longing deep within us.

Humanity’s history has been based on conditional love. This has created conflicting messages within us, because we extol the virtues of love, but do not uphold them.

We were not sent away by a vengeful God. At levels beyond our awareness and before form we bought into the ego’s (or Satan’s) deception that we had broken our connection to God/ Source. We were filled with remorse, guilt, and fear. Fear of retribution and the projection of that fear with its ensuing shame and guilt into judgment of others is the basis of the human predicament.

Chapter 2

Many have confused God’s revenge with the Universal Law of Balance and that of Cause and Effect playing out in our lives.

Judging another or situations is actually a form of self-hatred, as we are in effect sending daggers into our psyche, as well as into that of the other.

Just as there are proven laws such as gravity that govern our physical world, there are also laws that govern our Universe – and they affect us in all aspects of our lives.

It is in the understanding and applying of the Universal Laws that pertain to us that we can become our Best Self and feel empowered in all areas of our life.

Chapter 3

“The truth will set you free!” Powerful shifts will occur in us when we acknowledge “the truth of who we are” while at the same time reconcile “the truth of who we are being.”

Feeling peace and being happy and empowered requires that we believe in our hearts that we deserve to feel peaceful, and be happy and empowered.

Resistance, the antithesis to non-resistance, is a 3rd dimensional quality that is of a heavy density and requires energy. This energy anchors within us the importance of what we are resisting, making it more real and creating a type of solidity within our being. 

Even though our efforts affect the world matrix, raising out consciousness is not about changing the world, but about changing what is in our minds. However, raising our consciousness often inspires us to assist individuals and the disenfranchised and to help bring about a fairer and more egalitarian world.

As we let go of our denser attitudes, like blame, anger, hatred, cruelty, and greed and start embracing the lighter ones like love, compassion, acceptance, fairness, and equality it re-ignites within us our true, gentle, loving nature. We become more in tune with the good of the all, rather than the good of the few, and our attitudes and actions will start to reflect this, as altruism replaces selfishness. 

Chapter 4

We have been detached from and unaware of the unconditional love that is at the core of our being.

Don’t wallow in what you have or haven’t done—don’t get stuck in the darkness!

As we embrace new, more positive attitudes and approaches to life, we must be careful not to become holier-than-though or adopt a me-better-than-you persona.

 Our ego is “suspicious at best and vicious at worst.” It can turn around and slap us in the face when we are least expecting it – especially when life issues crop up, we are vulnerable with fatigue, or….

How we choose to live life “in the meantime” will likely be the deciding factor to our happiness, because most of our life is spent in the meantime.

It is usually our intellect that is running the show, and our right brain and its creative impulses is usually at its beck and call.

It is often in times of inertia when the real inner work is being done. Once we show interest in changing for the better Spirit works with our inner being on an energetic/spiritual level, and even though much inner juggling is going on these energetic shifts are often very subtle. Building new pathways takes time. Stay patient and embrace the quiet time. You may soon be inspired into action.

The journey to wholeness is a process. Although it is an upward spiral, this period of transformation often seems to take two steps forward and one step backwards and brings with it a sense of fear and uneasiness. We are letting go of what we know, but the have not yet anchored in what replaces it. This can be very unsettling.

Chapter 5

Couples are usually just smashing into each other trying to get their needs met.

We yearn for intimacy in our relationships, but the playing out of our unconscious influences drives wedges between us.

Our closest relationships are often experienced as painful, as their purpose is to show us our misalignments, so that we can heal them.

It is almost impossible to correct others, especially children, without instilling shame into them.

Any ideal or belief based on I-am-right-and-you-are-wrong promotes ideas of separation; not unity; not unconditional love.

When the same situations continue to surface in our lives, Spirit is simply offering us opportunities to choose again, so that we can evolve, grow spiritually, and become our Best Self.

Unless under the influence of major unconscious influences and their dysfunctions, most teens and young adults have the wisdom inside of them to make good, sound life choices that will serve them best, even if they can’t yet articulate them.

Chapter 6

Grace can be bestowed upon us, but we also invoke a state of grace when we align with love and attune to universal energies.

Nothing exists but Oneness. We emerged from the Oneness, are still one with it, but within our current perceptual awareness we believe ourselves separated from it.  

The seventh dimension (of the twelve noted) is considered the level of Christ consciousness.

The Masters were not under the laws of the physical world, nor are we when we partner up them, Spirit, or any other enlightened being who exists within the higher states of consciousness.

An understanding of past-lives and our past and current soul’s journey can explain why some children in a family may have an issue with say, addiction, while another does not.

The Universe will disappear when there is no longer any need for form to play out the duality we embraced eons ago at levels beyond our current awareness.

Reincarnation does not exist in Oneness. However, as we have bought into duality and its illusionary nature, re-incarnation exists, as the different lifetimes offer us soul-growth opportunities on our way to reemerging with the Oneness we originated from.

All form we perceive is an illusion and is of a dualistic nature. Everything within this duality, including us, the Masters, the extra-terrestrials, the light-beings, the Archangels, Spirit, and even the Universe itself is an illusion.

The different races that visited earth inhabit dimensions with varying degrees of spiritual evolution, just as here on earth some of us are more spiritually evolved while others are more technologically advanced.

Chapter 7

When accessing higher levels of consciousness, we connect to the universal forces, and the laws of time, space, and form are easily overcome. We become more attuned to the organic, quantum makeup of the elements. From our limited 3rd dimensional perspective, this is why enlightened beings seem to create miracles.

The availability of free energy is in the realm of possibilities. However, we must believe in this potential; this will help Gaia align herself to the higher dimension from which we can more easily bring it forth.

Our hearts, thoughts, and brains create vibrations. Vibrations create electromagnetic fields. Christiane Northrup tells us that the electromagnetic fields created from our heart chakras are forty times stronger than those created from our brains. Some say even much more so.

The Universe is holographic. As we move beyond the limitations of the 3rd dimension Humanity has existed under we will be able to take advantage of all it entails. This will allow us to feel empowered, be able to reach our full potentials, and feel connected to one another.

As we continue to uncover all about who the gods of old really were, we must be careful not to allow defensiveness about our beliefs to overshadow the true intentions of the Masters and the intrinsic value of the belief systems that blossomed in their wake.

Our thoughts affect our cells, and as they divide they will take their cues from what is already there. If we are sick and put all our focus on being sick, or believe we will get sick, we are creating a design supporting illness. The cell will then replicate itself based on our focus and what we think and believe – unless it is given a new plan.

The masters who came to help us align with the Oneness we emerged from hailed from the higher realms/dimensions, and as such their vibration was light and they exuded unconditional love. They did not continuously return to earth because coming here into our dense and dark 3rd dimension world would be like someone leaving a loving family living in a free, fair, and safe country to live a war torn country where people are mistreated, abused, and in fear of their lives. 

The extra-terrestrials from the realms closest to us were to act as intermediates between us and those light-beings who represent God were intended to support and steer our journey back to that Oneness we emanated from. However, because they were within the illusion some acted badly – just like a minister or guru veers from their intended mission.

At this point in our history and evolution only highly spiritually evolved extra-terrestrials from the higher dimensions are now allowed to interact with earth.

Chapter 8

Traumatic situations are held in our cellular memory until they are dealt with: they sit there like open doors for ailments.

When taking steps to overcome negative influences that are keeping us from being our Best Self, we are trying to replace the old habits, not break them.

In the past we were ignorant about many diseases as well as the mind-body connection regarding all areas of our well-being. With all our newfound information, we now have to be careful not to stigmatize our illnesses because of what we do know, rather than what we do not know.

Chapter 9

Both the physical and emotional abuses we have put upon our Planet has affected her, and she has had to shrug them off.

Some of the changes Gaia is going through are simply part of her evolutionary process, but many are because of the abuses we have put upon her – physically and emotionally – through greed, ignorance, and modernization. 

One of the Indigenous peoples’ main purposes is to maintain their connection to the Planet so that when we strayed, they would be able to show us the way back. We must heed their advice!

At one point in history Humanity lived in harmony with nature and lived sustainability with the Planet’s natural elements. The further we fell into duality, lack, greed, and getting what we wanted and needed to survive became our motivation. This grew to such an extent that we now even manipulate nature to those ends.

amassing wealth for greed or power and hoarding money goes against the laws of nature.

Keeping a vision of the highest ideal of our purpose at the forefront of our consciousness will help keep the pitfalls that monetary abundance and the power it brings with it at bay.

If we want to attract abundance in our life what we hold in our Life Matrix about money must be clear and positive. We must ensure our thoughts and words support that it is possible that we will receive what we are asking for, and that we deserve it . We must ensure we are not outwardly, or even inwardly, critical of others’ successes.

We will attract into our life what we focus on – positively. If we worry about money, getting that job, or …, the vibration we are sending out holds static. To attract what we want into out lives we have to keep the pathways to the universal powers that can deliver it clear – clear of negativity, worry, directives, impatience, manipulation, and second guessing ourselves.

Chapter 10

 The Ascension of Gaia is a cosmic event of huge proportions!

 At levels beyond our awareness we chose to be here on earth at this time of the Shift and Gaia’s Ascension for our personal, collective, and this cosmic journey.

Although we do our part in embracing higher-dimensional attitudes, the impulses to do so come from the higher realms and are divinely inspired.

Ascension is a term used to denote Gaia lifting herself out of the dark and dense 3rd dimension she has inhabited for so long into the 5th dimension, or even higher, where the qualities of love rule.

We are collectively invited to ascend with Gaia on this Shift. However, the passport requirement is to embrace love and all its qualities, like compassion, understanding, acceptance, fairness, and generosity.

Chapter 11

Just as we have the power to become all that we can be, we also have the power to create a beautiful, clean, and safe world where everybody thrives.

It will take collective optimistic vibrations to bring the world we want into our sphere of possibilities and overrule the lack paradigm we embraced eons ago and which remains firmly entrenched in our unconscious minds.

Hope encourages us, holds our dreams together, and keeps our efforts moving forward. It is the harbinger that will keep the dream alive to create the world we so long for and the door open for the actions to go through to bring it about.


Where divisiveness treads love cannot flourish. Where there is no love – peace, joy, and happiness cannot survive. Getting this is what will change us and the world!

We all have to find the balance between working within the realities of our lives and our world while aiming to create new and better realities wherever possible.

Any ideal or belief based on I-am-right-and-you-are-wrong promotes ideas of separation; not unity; not unconditional love.

When our path is not clearly defined, going with the flow of where we are now, opens us pathways to the wisdom needed for the next step.

Every contact with another person is an opportunity to offer notions of unity and Oneness, or those of polarity and separation.

This Shift is encouraging the balancing of our male and female energies. This will make us feel energized, as the imbalance of these seemingly opposing forces encourages us to deny important, innate aspects of ourselves.

This Shift brings with it much light and love. This light is crucial as it cuts through and dispels the darkness within us; the love shines through the subsequent cracks and rekindles itself within us reminding us of the truth of who we are.

Rosemary McCarthy, compiled August 2017,

updated December 2017.

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