Practices, Relaxing/Healing Music, Meditations, Qi Gong, Etc.

Practices, Relaxing/Healing Music, Meditations, Qi Gong, etc.

There is much available today to help us shift to feeling happier, more relaxed and peaceful, be more loving, and empowered

in life so that we make good, solid decisions and choices that bring us long-term happiness. Here are a few that have helped me 


My Breathwork Practice (to help relieve stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, apathy, etc.).

Daily breathwork helps keeps stress away, and allows us to tap into peaceful feelings more easily. When done regularly our being remembers it, and peaceful feelings return more quickly.

Our in-breaths invite in life. Our out-breaths expel stress/fatigue/depression, etc.

Do for 2 -5 minutes for a quick pick-me up. For 15-20 minutes to overcome a stressful situation.

To begin, always invite in your Best Self, Higher Self, Spirit, or your preferred Deity.

 Breathe in from the bottom of your belly all the way up to the top or your head.

Breathe IN slowly and deeply for 3 seconds.     Breathe OUT slowly and fully for 5 seconds.

Follow the in-and-out-breaths with your mind – or even your hands.

Allow the breaths to calm you … or energize you.

Repeat until you feel calmer, more relaxed, centered, or energized.

This little Practice is from my October 2020 Newsletter message, The Value of Deep Breathing, You can find this one and my past messages HEREwhere you can also Sign-up to receive my Newsletter messages.

©Rosemary McCarthy, October 2o, 2020.


From Melanie Beckler

8-Minute Morning Meditation, October 20, 2020 HERE

Embody Your Higher Self: Access your Inner Love and Self-Mastery, 7 minutes, With Archangel Michael,  See HERE  

Blockage Removal: Accessing Light Codes, 17 minutes: HERE

Emergency Call Meditation, 12 minutes. (Use for specific concerns, like health, finances, issues with others – whatever we are concerned about or want help with  HERE

From Eckhart Tolle

Presence group mediation, 30 minutes (Watch him during video – only close eyes at end when he says to. Seeing him brings an energy I felt it: HERE


Healing Music, 3 hours. HERE  

Spiritual Awakening Music – from Spirit Tribe Awakening. 3 hours. HERE (They have many on their site

Qi Gong,

Marisa’s – 17 minute guided practice HERE:

I hope these are helpful to you.

I will update this list as I find new ones that have been helpful to me.

Blessings and stay safe and well.