The Secret of Enough – Part 2

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What is enoughEnough is different for everyone. Most of us in the Western world do want some luxuries and modern commodities and some of it can be supported by Mother Nature (if we are wise about it), but many of us have gone overboard.

In The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight Thom Hartmann reminds us that our current society lives under the myth that “some stuff will make you happy, then twice as much stuff will make you twice as happy, and ten times as much will make you ten times as happy, and so on, into infinity.” (1)

And although greed has been around for eons, it has only recently extended to such abusive actions towards our Planet as to threaten her (and thereby our) very survival. Where did this current greed come from?

In his essay, “The World of Wonder” in Spiritual Ecology, Thomas Berry explains that in North America this attitude of acquiring grew as a result of our lack of embracing or understanding the concept of “Earth-based spirituality” when we first came here from Europe.

He reminds us that not only did the Indigenous people understand the relationship between heaven, earth, and its people, evidenced by their rituals and ceremonies to evoke the powers of the Universe, most ancient cultures did as well. He tells us that the pillars in India, China, Greece, Egypt and Rome “were established to delineate a sacred center which provided a point of reference for human affairs and bound Heaven and Earth together.” (2)

The Secret of Enough

Barry explains that we came to America from Europe believing we were religious, educated, scientifically advanced, and able to create our own political organizations. We “saw ourselves as a divine blessing on this continent. In reality we were a predator people on an innocent continent.”

We saw a land that could allow us to break away from the “monarchical governments … and their world of royalty and subservience,” but rather than be in awe of the grandness and beauty of this land, we saw it as a “continent available for exploitation.” Although we were searching for new values, our attitudes of greed and control did not really change; nor did they reflect the values of the native people already here. (3)

In large part, except for the few who have rejected commercialism, such as the Mennonites, Indigenous peoples, and certain rural tribes, having lost the connection to the concept of enough and respect for our Planet, most societies have fallen under the spell of acquiring and greed.

Our Planet is meant to support us. If we return to a reciprocal relationship with Mother Earth we will all have access to its life-affirming energy: we will all have enough. Returning to the wisdom of nature at this juncture in our evolution and with our growing population is vital!

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As I was exploring various subjects when researching for my book Your Journey to Peace …, (whose concepts this article is based on) a notion was growing in me that the Indigenous peoples’ gentle nature and connection to the earth were somehow connected to the healing of Humanity. I was directed to various answers.

More of what I discovered is further explored in my next article/ blog post, “The Indigenous Beliefs and Our Planet’s Healing.” I will explain how eons ago the Indigenous peoples around the world actually made a conscious decision to forego industrialization so that they could show us the roadmap back when we had lost our way – when we had forgotten about the secret of enough and the importance of our connection to Mother Earth and of our reciprocal relationship with her.

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~ Rosemary McCarthy© April, 2018, December 2018

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(1) Thom Hartmann, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight: Waking Up to Personal and Global Transformation (Northfield, VT: Mythical Books, 1998), 235.

(2) Thomas Berry, “The World of Wonder” in Spiritual EcologyThe Cry of the Earth, a collection of essays edited by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, (Pointe Reyes, CA: The Golden Sufi Center), 15-17.

(3)  Ibid.


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Law of Expansion - Universal Law 6 (of 6)

Newsletter – The Importance of Appreciation – May 2018

Welcome to my May 2018 newsletter. The theme this month is on Appreciation. Here is a peak inside.


The Importance of Appreciation

Since we recently celebrated Mothers Day and Fathers Day is fast approaching lets consider the importance of Appreciation.

Appreciation for the People in Our Lives.

Appreciation for all that We Have.

 Appreciation for the Planet’s Beauty and her Abundance.

From a Practical Perspective Being Appreciative moves us into our heart space and makes us feel good. It creates a fondness around what we are appreciating. This goes into our memory bank and we can retrieve the feeling whenever we choose to – to feel good again.

From a Spiritual Perspective Being Appreciative creates a vibration that invites more of what we are appreciating into our lives.

~ Rosemary McCarthy© May, 2018.

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The Importance of Cultivating Joy and Being Appreciative

Being able to tap into pure joy and being appreciative of what we have are spiritual tenets. The more we cultivate joy, the easier it is to tap into, and the more we are appreciative of what we have, more of the same will come into our sphere.

Modern society has become so caught up in wanting more, and most of the time we are running around so busy that we have lost our ability to feel joy and to appreciate the things that we have. However, this Shift is bringing with it impulses to cultivate joy and be appreciative, and so many of us are now realizing the importance of being joyful and appreciative and are turning away from drama, negativity, and continuous activity and becoming more thankful for the little things in life. Appreciation, joy, and gladness are even biblical premises.

I once read something a little girl wrote about joy and being “glad” that stayed with me. Her father had died and her mother remarried a pastor. Her stepfather treated her and her mother lovingly, and she recalled him saying that the word glad was in the Bible about nine hundred times. So this is what he had based his life and ministry on—being and living the tenets of gladness. He believed that God wants us to be glad and happy. We can live in gladness when we feel appreciative and express joy and happiness and all other attitudes that align with these precepts. Being grateful for opportunities and the small and large gifts God or the Universe has bestowed upon us is what embracing the Abundance Paradigm is all about.

We can be glad that something has transpired and appreciate being healthy and happy and having a family. We can appreciate living in a safe environment, be glad we have a job, and feel delighted to have healthy children. If we have lost our job, we can appreciate that we can relax for a while or see it as an opportunity to find a more suitable position, or maybe find one with less stress.

Although overcoming situations like these above examples would seem a big stretch for anyone who has experienced any life-altering situation or recently lost a job, as it certainly would be for me, it is always important to attempt to reach for some sort of appreciation, despite our circumstances. We can give thanks that we are still healthy so that when a job does turn up, we can accept it. We can also be glad that we have a working car or live near transportation that could take us to any job. Being appreciative, happy, or joyful (all aspects of glad) anchors in our appreciation of that vibration and keeps happiness and abundance directed toward us.

© Rosemary McCarthy, October 2016

This article is based on and an extension to the sub-section “Joy, Appreciation, and Abundance” which is part of the “Abundance” section of chapter 9, The Planet and Abundance.

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Below is a peek into a few other concepts in the book:

Improving our attitudes helps change the world, as every shift it attitude affects the vibration of the Planet as a whole. (Introduction)

Our capacity to love others is in direct relationship to how much we love ourselves. (Chapter 3, What We Can Do About It)

Our Relationships are Pre-set Soul Contracts: The highest purpose of our relationships is to work out our unconscious influences: our fears, neediness, vulnerabilities, misperceptions, and false notions about love. (Chapter 5, Relationships)

We are not exercising true free will if we live under the tutelage of unconscious influences. (Chapter 6, Words, Symbols, Rituals, Concepts, Prayers).

We can reconcile our apparent relationship with extra-terrestrials with our belief systems. (Chapter 7, Science).

The electromagnetic fields we create from our heart chakras are at least forty times stronger than those created from our brains. (Chapter 8, Health and Healing; Death and Dying).

Our need to reconcile what we put upon the Indigenous peoples is in direct relationship to our countrys’ successful advancements. (Chapter 9, The Planet and Abundance)

This Shift and Ascension is bringing with it the impetus for sharing and equality for all―including the distribution of the earth’s resources so that all may live in comfort. (Chapter 9, The Planet and Abundance).


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