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How Embracing Our Passions Helps the World

This blog article has been expanded upon. See here for new version. We all came here with a higher purpose: to learn, to experience, and to help others in life and through their life lessons. These show up as the passions within us, and they play out in many ways. Our passions always bring us […]

The Importance of Cultivating Joy and Being Appreciative

Being able to tap into pure joy and being appreciative of what we have are spiritual tenets. The more we cultivate joy, the easier it is to tap into, and the more we are appreciative of what we have, more of the same will come into our sphere. Modern society has become so caught up in […]

Relationships and Our “Love Languages”

This article has been updated. To see newest version, see here. —————————— We all have differing personalities and ways of navigating life. We all have varying emotional needs. Many of us are sensitive to how others treat and appreciate us and our efforts, and this is especially true in our intimate relationships. None of us […]

Most Common Ways Parents Block Communication with Teens

You can read more about the book this is based on by clicking on “Book Synopsis” above. Open and honest two-way communication is vital with teenagers, and real listening paves the way for honest communication to develop. As parents we may think we are hearing and listening, but often we are not. We are only […]

Five Masters and their Different Aspects  

You can read more about the book this article is based on by clicking on “Book Synopsis” above. —————– To be happy, feel peaceful, and have harmony in our lives we have to make peace with (forgive) all aspects of ourselves (including our upbringing, our past, or current life situations), offer understanding to those around […]

A Spontaneous Kundalini Rising Experience

What is the Kundalini? The Kundalini is an Eastern term to describe the awakening of a spiritual force brought on by an expansion of consciousness into higher levels of awareness. Often described as a coiled energy located at the base of the spine, the Kundalini can awaken gradually after years of spiritual focus, during a […]

Points to Staying on the Good Path / Keeping the Process Going

There are many important points to remember and tools we can adopt to keep us on track to finding our Best Self. Observe Chosen Practice(s) to Align to Your True Self If you find yourself slipping into old negative feelings, attitudes, or behaviors, bumping up your practice, reading, rereading, or listening to uplifting or spiritual […]

Portals and Vortexes

You can read more about the book this article is based on by clicking on “Book Synopsis” above. ———– Portals and vortexes are energetic openings. Solid forms, such as powerful artifacts like the Arc of the Covenant, megalithic structures like Stonehenge, and high-level energetic stones, crystals, or technologies have been imbued with powerful alchemic energies […]