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Newsletter – July 2018 – The Magic of Summertime

A Warm Welcome to my July Newsletter and its Theme “Allowing the Magic of Summertime to Realign Us” Summer is the perfect time to rediscover – or to discover for the first time – what makes us feel really good. To rebalance ourselves if we have become overworked, overstressed, or being overly busy. Summertime Encourages Us – Out of Doing – and […]

Our Life Matrix

Our perceptions and beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world around us stem from our inherent personalities, filtered through past and current influences: familial, generational, cultural, and social. The perceptions and beliefs we hold can be based on truths, or they can be false and based on Unconscious Influences* we unknowingly hold. *(definition below). The […]

What Readers Are Saying about “Your Journey to Peace”

A Highly Insightful and Progressive Read! Anyone who wants to find healing in themselves and within their relationships should read this book. Rosemary offers great insight into the way our society is going and what we can do to move progressively forward as one collective humanity. (Rachel Greeve, Amazon Canada) —————— Insightful and Uplifting! I […]

Understanding Universal Law

Just as there are proven laws such as gravity that govern our physical world, there are also laws that govern our Universe. Everything in the Universe, including us, emerged from and is still connected to and intertwined with the energy of the original creative source – embodied by a Oneness and often referred to as […]