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Worksheet 19:  Small Shifts I Can Start With

(This is a companion blog post to my article “Small Shifts I Can Start With”  See here for link) Worksheet 19:  Small Shifts I Can Start With (see below for Large Shifts)  (from my book, Your Journey to Peace … About Book found here (As recommended with any spiritual or self-healing practice, start with a small, one or two-minute meditation/prayer/attunement. […]

Newsletter – July 2018 – The Magic of Summertime

A Warm Welcome to my July Newsletter and its Theme “Allowing the Magic of Summertime to Realign Us” Summer is the perfect time to rediscover – or to discover for the first time – what makes us feel really good. To rebalance ourselves if we have become overworked, overstressed, or being overly busy. Summertime Encourages Us – Out of Doing – and […]

Our Life Matrix

Our perceptions and beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world around us stem from our inherent personalities, filtered through past and current influences: familial, generational, cultural, and social. The perceptions and beliefs we hold can be based on truths, or they can be false and based on Unconscious Influences* we unknowingly hold. *(definition below). The […]