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Universal Truths and the Masters Messages Come to Us in Many Ways

Universal truths and the messages of love, compassion, understanding, fairness, and forgiveness inherent in our belief systems have come to us in many forms—not just in a religious setting or through their formal texts. Throughout history people have been inspired to teach, write, and sing about universal truths and the basic principles the Masters taught. […]

Relationships: Understanding that Our Differences that Cause Conflict actually Add Value

While most intimate relationships may be based on love and a commitment to enjoy life together, it is quite natural to experience conflicts. We each hold distinct character traits and come from unique backgrounds and experiences. If we do not respect the differences these engender or allow space for expression, conflicts will develop. Our intimate […]

Healthy Boundaries / Feeling Empowered

Healthy boundaries allow us to maintain our individualism while sharing our lives with others. Maintaining healthy boundaries is crucial to our ability to feel empowered and experience the world fully in a healthy way. This means being open enough to others without fear of victimization, and confident enough to embrace new experiences and be all that […]