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The Importance of Embracing Our Passions

There are many reasons we manifest on earth. To experience and to express love. To remember, or to learn, the importance of tapping into joy, To help each other through life. To learn to overcome obstacles – our life lessons – that help us grow spiritually and our soul to evolve. To discover our soul/life purpose. […]

Our Love Languages and our Relationships

We all have diverse personalities. Different ways of navigating life. Varying emotional needs. Many of us are sensitive to how others treat and appreciate us and our efforts, and this is especially true in our intimate relationships. None of us are completely free of unconscious influences from our past. These affect how we perceive life. They […]

We Are Always Praying

In a way, we are always praying or making requests for what we want. Our thoughts and attitudes give off vibrations and Spirit, God, the universe (or whatever term we use for the conscious creative universal force) interpret our vibrations as what we like and returns more of the same to us. It is always […]