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A Spontaneous Kundalini Rising Experience

What is the Kundalini? The Kundalini is an Eastern term to describe the awakening of a spiritual force brought on by an expansion of consciousness into higher levels of awareness. Often described as a coiled energy located at the base of the spine, the Kundalini can awaken gradually after years of spiritual focus, during a […]

Portals and Vortexes

Portals and vortexes are energetic openings. Solid forms, such as powerful artifacts like the Arc of the Covenant, megalithic structures like Stonehenge, and high-level energetic stones, crystals, or technologies have been imbued with powerful alchemic energies and act as portals or gateways to other dimensions. Certain places can also act as strong energetic gateways, and […]

Substances and Practices that Affect Our Bodies

It is no secret that toxins in our air and water and over-ingesting in refined foods adversely affect our health, but there are many other substances, foods, and practices that are now being brought to the forefront because they give us pain, digestive difficulties, and/or adversely affect our health in many ways. Here are some […]

Further Understanding Reincarnation and Past Lives

Contrary to the Abrahamic religions, reincarnation is a common belief that most Eastern religions/philosophies embrace. They acknowledge that within the reality and level of consciousness we exist in reincarnation is a factor, while Christianity, Judaism, and Islam prefer to focus on the Oneness we emerged from and are still a part of. Within full Oneness […]

Aids to Overcoming Our Issues

You can read more about the book this is based on by clicking on “Book Synopsis” above. We can rise above our issues. There are many steps we can take to overcoming unhappiness, frustration, inertia, limitation, addiction, or anything else that is keeping us from becoming our Best Self. To do so, however, requires being […]

The Tao Birthed Us and Looks After Us

To see updated version, click here We all came here in harmony from Oneness, all perfect, to be loved and nourished, and will return one day unconditionally loved—just as we are. In Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the Tao Te Ching we are told: Every being in the universe is an expression of the Tao. It springs into […]