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Conditional Love and Expectations

Deep within us, we hold a distant memory of the unconditional love we once held—a memory from our beginnings, and which we all still long for. The history of Humanity has been based on conditional love. This has manifested within our families, community support systems, and even in our religions. Conditional love has created conflicting messages […]

October 2018 Newsletter – Making Changes / Embracing New Ideas

As Humanity continues to evolve, we are all being guided to shift, change, and be open to new ideas. Society is evolving. It is making major shifts in how we deal with each other. We are embracing new ideas- like fairness and equality for all. We are changing how we view others. How we treat people – no matter how different they are than […]

Our Life Matrix

Our perceptions and beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world around us stem from our inherent personalities, filtered through past and current influences: familial, generational, cultural, and social. The perceptions and beliefs we hold can be based on truths, or they can be false and based on Unconscious Influences* we unknowingly hold. *(definition below). The […]

Worksheet 19:  Small Shifts I Can Start With

(This is a companion blog post to my article “Small Shifts I Can Start With”  See here for link) Worksheet 19:  Small Shifts I Can Start With (see below for Large Shifts)  (from my book, Your Journey to Peace … About Book found here (As recommended with any spiritual or self-healing practice, start with a small, one or two-minute meditation/prayer/attunement. […]