Abundance: How Being Open, Closed Off, or Creating Static Affect our Desires  

Abundance means different things to different people. Being comfortable in life, having a satisfying career, achieving our personal or monetary goals, or having love in our life and loved ones around us are a few of the common goals we aim towards or yearn for.

We have been taught that we have to work hard, struggle, and use all sorts of “tried and true” methods in attempts to achieve what we want, but we are now becoming aware that our thoughts and attitudes have as much to do with attaining what we want and desire as our efforts – maybe even more.

This is because our thoughts and attitudes engage universal powers, which hold far greater power than our efforts alone. Engaging universal powers give us access to universal abundance, which holds far greater possibilities than we could even imagine. However, to fully engage universal abundance, we must be open to it and abide by the universal laws in operates under. (Chapter 2, Universal Laws / Kingdom Principles outlines the laws that affect us and our everyday lives).

Our connection to universal abundance can be open, closed, or it can hold static whereby we send and/or receive muffled messages. To maintain what we have or attract what we want in life, we have to ensure we are aligning our thoughts, words, and actions with the Abundance Paradigm.

At some point in our lives I’m sure we have all experienced having limited funds and have had to be conservative and judicious to meet our obligations each month, or maybe could not even meet them. It is a really scary place to be. Below are three examples of how our attitudes may affect the outcome of being in a sticky financial situation.

We are open to the universal powers that can supply us what we need and want if we are realistic regarding our finances and have remained positive without being in denial; are grateful for what we have; if our thoughts and remarks anticipate an improvement of our circumstance; and if we maintain or proportionally adjust any donation promises we agreed to. We are then being optimistic and believing in the powers of the Universe to help us. This open channel keeps the possibility of receiving or attracting to us what we want alive.*

We are closed off from the universal powers that can help us with what we want if we have become obsessive about our financial situation and have developed negative thought patterns about it; if our comments are pessimistic about our state of affairs; and if we have become angry, stingy, or blame others for our situation and think life is not fair. These attitudes create blocks to our connection to the Abundance Paradigm and our requests do not get through. This also keeps a viscous circle going. We may then become desperate and think of, or even partake in, underhanded ways of solving our financial problems, which further distances us from universal help.

Static is created in our connection to the universal powers when our attitudes keep us in-between being completely open and completely blocked to them. This happens because we may still worry or fall prey to negative thinking but still try to remain optimistic and positive, and we may vacillate between positive and negative comments regarding our financial situation. As we have not completely severed our connection we may see somewhat of an improvement in our money problems, but these conflicting attitudes have created confusion in our being and thereby in our request for the improvements we want. The channel to the universal powers is not fully closed, but as there is static in our requests they may be unclear and/or the insights we receive to make what we want happen might be ambiguous or incorrect as they are based on confusing information.*

If we want to change our financial situation we have to align our whole being with the premises in the Abundance Paradigm, including our thoughts, words, and actions, and therefore our vibrations. Creating abundantly is our birthright. However, if we have thoughts like “I’ll never get out of debt or ahead in life,” we anchor that into our Life Matrix; if someone makes a suggestion for an outing and we cannot afford to join in and say something like “I can’t afford it,” “I never spend money on things like that,” or “I’ll never be able to afford that,” we immediately confirm our lack.

Negative declarations confuse any messages we may have already sent to the Universe. On the one hand, we may want something, request it, and even day-dream about it, but then the words we utter contradict the desire as the vibration attached to the pessimistic words throws a negating component into the mix. This also undermines in us the belief that the Universe can deliver what we want, thereby further blocking the energetic pathways to the Abundance Paradigm and the likelihood of these experiences materializing.

Conversely, positive affirmations such as “I’m in debt today, but know it will change soon;” “I would love to join you but can’t afford it right now;” or “That sounds like so much fun, maybe another time” confirms our desire to participate, even if we cannot afford it now. This invites in the likelihood of being able to partake at another time. Because we have started our replies on positive, hopeful notes, our vibrations emit the desire to the Universe, the belief it can happen, and so the potential for it happening is then born. Our energetic pathway to the Abundance Paradigm is open.

It may not feel right or comfortable having to make all these adjustments to our attitudes or thinking patterns. But we must! We actually request only tidbits of what the universe has in store for us, because have been unaware that we are meant to create our own reality, how to do it, and that love, joy, and feeling empowered are our inheritances. We have become caught in norms that Humanity created eons ago, and we unknowingly perpetrated them. We didn’t know how else to navigate life. But it is now our cosmic time to overcome these disempowering ways of living. Whereas our past history was based on fear, lack, greed, control, and unfairness, we are now ready to regain our own empowerment, and extend love, compassion, acceptance, and equality to all others – so they too can find their empowerment. But as these old ways of thinking are deeply ingrained into our psyches, we have to make conscious efforts to overcome them.

(Illustrations 7, 8, and 9 in the book give a visual of these Open, Closed, and Static concepts).

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