Law of Expansion - Universal Law 6 (of 6)

Law of Expansion – Universal Law 6 (of 6)

(Excerpt from Chapter 2, Universal Laws / Kingdom Principles)

Our Universe is that of an expansive energy. When we continuously tap into the Universe’s power and yield to its laws and principles, we align with the expansion process, until eventually we are primed to take an exponentially sharp upward turn.

As we continuously apply ourselves to aligning all the different parts of ourselves with the laws and principles of the Universe, we anchor in the confidence from all the little gains we make.

This all plays together in concert, and we are then able to step into our full potential and expand into all we can be. And our efforts do not necessarily have to be hard work. It can simply be the letting go of what is in the way of our becoming our Best Self.

Our successes may also come with a combination of things falling easily into place, spurts of hard work, and times of inertia or — what feels like hitting brick walls. I met all of these in the process of getting this book out of me and onto paper.

And as cosmic forces are always at work. cosmic timing may also play a role in our individual and collective journeys. It is the energy the Shift of December 2012 brought with it that has given us the impetus to finding our own empowerment, helping others to get theirs’, and creating and supporting initiatives to create fairness for all and harmony around the world. 

Constance of the Universal Laws and Principles

Whether we are conscious of them or not, the Kingdom Principles are at work in our lives all the time—for better or worse. How they affect us depends on the quality and strength of our vibrations.

With our thoughts, mind-sets, attention, and vibrational outputs, we invoke these cosmic laws. They are underlying principles that govern our experiences, just as gravity governs form and structure.

Everything we will ever need to know is at our disposal just waiting for us to download, so long as we are tuned into the right station.

Every thought, idea, action, reaction, or inaction from the beginning of time, through to the present, and into the future until the Universe actually does disappear is held in a universal bank known in Eastern and spiritual circles as the Akashic records (explained in chapter 7, “Science and Other Related Topics”).

The masters, the great scientists, and inventors, as well as the most profound philosophers of our world have all tapped into this data-bank of knowledge. We all have access to it; we just have to tune in to the right frequency. In The Morning of the Magicians Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier tell us that “We have a magical relationship with the Universe, but we have forgotten it.” (1)

I have grouped the Universal Laws / Kingdom Principles into six different categories. These are just general guidelines. There are others, and some people divide them up into more details, or use different names, but most of what we need to easily navigate life is contained within these six.

# 1 – Law of Openness … denotes that we have to be open  ̶  in a state of receptivity – to be able to access the love, joy, sense of empowerment and other gifts available to us from the Universe. (See below for link to this law).

# 2 – Law of Authenticity (Stay tuned for my article on this law in the June issue of The Stalit Path Magazine. Follow me on FB for updates)

# 3 – Law of Attraction

# 4 – Law of Cause and Effect … clarifies that we are the cause of our experiences, not at the effect of the world around us. See here

# 5 – Law of Balance

# 6 – Law of Expansion … Our Universe is that of an expansive energy.When we continuously  yield to its laws and principles, we align with the expansion process.

Notation: 1) Louis Pauwels, Jacques Bergier, The Morning of the Magicians (Rochester, NY: Destiny Books, 2009), 229.

For more general information on the Universal Laws (as well as on the Law of Openness (1 of 6)) see my first post on Universal Laws see here

Excerpt from:, Chapter 2, Universal Laws / Kingdom Principles of Your Journey to Peace,  Book Synopsis is found here 

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