3 Worksheets – Forgiveness; Making Small Shifts; Releasing Judgment

Below are 3 of the 22 worksheets from my book, Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science. They are a companion to blog article “Self Forgiveness is Paramount to becoming Our Best Selves.” The link to it is below.

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(Copyright © 2016 Rosemary McCarthy,  updated June 2018 (see below for full © notation)

Worksheet 18: Forgiveness 

(Start with a small, two-minute meditation, prayer, or attunement to your Best Self).

A) Self-Forgiveness:

  • I need to forgive myself for …

B) Forgiving Others:

  • I need to forgive others for …

C) Forgiving Situations:

  • I need to forgive the situation …

D) Forgiving the World: Humanity and Its History

  • I need to forgive the world regarding …


 © 2016 Rosemary McCarthy, updated June 2018

Worksheet 19:  Small Shifts I Can Start With (see below for Large Shifts)

(Start with a small, two-minute meditation, prayer, or attunement with your Best Self)

Small Shifts

Replacing Judgment with Acceptance:

  • I can replace judgment with acceptance regarding …

Replacing Blame with Understanding:

  • I can replace blame with understanding regarding …

Replacing Anger with Self-Control:

  • I can replace anger with self-control regarding …

Replacing Indifference with Empathy:

  • I can replace indifference with empathy toward …

Replacing That Which Causes Discord with That Which Embraces Harmony:

  • I can replace my words, attitudes, or actions with more positive, uplifting, or empowering ones toward …

Large Shifts in Attitudes or Behaviors I can Make

  • Major Attitudes or Behaviors that negatively affect my life and the lives of those around me can be shifted/reversed – with focus, determination, and possibly professional help.
  • Whether being a work-acholic, a controlling or bullying person, or having an addiction dealing with and shifting my attitudes and changing my behaviors will help me become my Best Self. I will then be  able to show up for my loved ones in the way they deserve.


 © 2016 Rosemary McCarthy, updated  June 2018 .

Worksheet 20:  Judgments of Self, Others, Groups, or Situations

(Start with a small, two-minute meditation, prayer, or attunement with your Best Self)

Where I Judge Myself:

Where I Judge Others:

Where I Judge Group of People:

Where I Judge Situations:


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