Appreciating Our Planet: Investing in Our Future – Part 1/3

Gaia, our Planet, is a living, breathing organism. She is a conscious, living being. She is our home. She is meant to sustain us. To nurture us. She gives to us freely and asks for nothing in return. However, most of us in the industrialized world have somehow forgotten the importance of our connection to her.

(This is an article from 2019, but as we are all most likely spending more time being in outdoors and in nature these days because of all the restrictions of gathering inside, it seemed appropriate to re-post this article to remind us to love and look after our Planet, so that we will all be able to take advantage of her healing properties for generations to come)

Both Physical and Emotional Abuses Affect Our Planet

Although some of the changes our Planet is going through are simply part of her evolutionary process, many are because of our greed, ignorance, and modernization – what we have physically done to her by defiling her land, polluting her air and water, damming up her waterways, and raping her natural resources.

Our Planet has also been affected by the emotional abuses we have put upon her. Humanity’s hate, greed, killing, judgment, and control over each other have also affected her energetic body.

Just as mistreatment of our physical and emotional bodies affects all aspects of our well-being, it is the same with our beautiful Planet.

In attempting to re-balance herself, Gaia’s energy flow has shifted and swayed, often causing violent weather patterns.

Humanity once lived in harmony with nature and lived sustainably with the Planet’s natural elements. The further we fell into duality the more we aligned with attitudes of lack and greed.

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Our lives became based on acquiring, amassing, and trotting over whomever and whatever to get what we wanted, or thought we needed to survive. Thom Hartmann expresses this beautifully in The Last Hours of the Ancient Sunlight.

Modern civilizations have come to truly

believe that the paths to a better life are 

consumerism and to use our cleverness to

manipulate the “machine of nature”

to our advantage. (1)

For the most part, the Indigenous peoples around the world have maintained a connection with Mother Nature – they still hold a close, reciprocal relationship with her.

Maintaining harmony and a connection to nature was actually a conscious decision Indigenous people made as a group, eons ago, so that when we lost this connection they could show us the way back.

Indigenous People’s Road Map to Harmonious Living

The Indigenous peoples’ gentle nature and connection to the earth are linked to the healing of Humanity.

In his article “The Three Seeds,” Charles Eisenstein tells us that thousands of years ago when we chose to play the game of “separation” with nature, the prophets at that time suspected we would lose our way and left “three seeds” to help us find our way back. (2)

Appreciating Our Planet: Investing in Our Future

The first seed was the “wisdom lineages.” These preserved and protected the essential knowledge, and became the mystical branches of the religions or belief systems: the Zen masters / gurus in the Eastern religions; Hasidism / the Kabbalah in Judaism; Sufism in Islam; the mystical branches of Christianity. The sages and holy men within these spiritual branches upheld the humility and mystical, experiential aspects of their faiths. (3)

The second seed was the “sacred stories: myths, legends, scriptures, fairy tales and folklore.” These tales, crouched in imagery and allegory, transcend the conscious mind, as they are supernatural conduits that convey the hidden knowledge of the ages. They infuse us with awe, wonder, and hope, so that however far we wandered into the “Labyrinth of Separation,” we always had a lifeline to find our way back. (4)

Appreciating Our Planet: Investing in Our Future

The third seed was the “indigenous tribes” who consciously chose to forgo the journey of separation with Gaia and growth into a technological society that destroyed nature. They instead continued to live close to the land and in harmony with nature so they could eventually provide us with a road map back to living in accordance with the “laws of nature.” The various tribes hold different aspects of the knowledge we have lost, such as how to commune reciprocally with nature and the animal kingdoms; read and understand dreams; raise our children; and see beyond our limited third-dimensional idea of time. (5)

Traditional teachings among most native people worldwide reveal their understanding of the concept of enough.

  • Those who live off the land, free of material obsessions, believe the earth will provide them with basic necessities;
  • They understand our deep connection to it;
  • They appreciate that the earth nourishes us with water, air, and food and understand that maintaining the purity of these is crucial;
  • They recognize Mother Earth as a gift from our Creator and that every molecule on it lives and breathes.

(For more information on this notion of enough see here for my article/blog post “The Concept of Enough.”)

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