Universal Laws Govern Us – a Recap (Part 8 of 8)

Universal Laws and principles were set out at the creation of our cosmos. Some, like gravity, affect form, while others govern emotion, intention, relationship – which are all linked to creation.

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Because we are still linked to the original Universal creative force we emanated from, some of these laws and principles influence us and govern our relationship to it – and to its creative power.

We all came forth as loving expressions of this God-force, and will eventually realign with it. All its creations – everything and everyone – are linked by a unifying principle. As such, there is a Oneness that connects us to them all.

At the beginning – and before form, all the creations embodied unconditional love and a sense of unity – and a unity of purpose. However, somewhere along the way the connection to these harmonious and co-operative ways of expression were lost.

Universal Laws and principles can help us rekindle the unconditional love

and sense of unity we once held, but lost our connection to.

These laws and principles are simply explanations of how to uphold the required vibrations to align with the Universal forces, so that we can take advantage of what is not only available to us, but what is actually our inheritance.

When we do not adhere to these laws and principles, then by default, our own internal thoughts and ideas – with their limiting fears, worries, judgments, etc. prevail.

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We once effortlessly brought forth glorious realities merging the powerful Father energy and the creative Mother energy in perfect balance while still maintaining the concept of a unity of consciousness and purpose. We did this within the auspices of free will.

However, somewhere along the way, the thought that I-can-do-it-on-my-own – apart from the original creative force arose. Free will allowed this to occur. We thought we had separated from the Oneness, but we had not, as that bond could never be broken.

In time, our sense of connectedness, unity of purpose, and all that was inherent to the Oneness was forgotten or ignored, leading to duality and polarity – to the pull between love and fear – and all their offshoots that have become part of our default operating system.

We still hold a memory of that Oneness. This is what has created longing within us.

Deep within the recesses of our unconscious we remember the unconditional love,

and sense of unity, shared purpose, and co-operation.

We know it is right. And possible. However, the connection to it is most often just beyond our reach. The holy people and Masters were sent to help us realign with the precepts of unconditional love and unity, but for the most part, we ignored, misperceived, or were so stuck in the darkness we didn’t understand their messages.

Whatever words we use when speaking of that higher power – the Universal creative force, be it God, Creator, Source, Allah, Holy Spirit, or simply the term Universe, the notion that there is an organizing, benevolent principle at play to guide and support us, has always been around. It is, and has been, of great comfort to us.

We just have to look up at the sky in the day and the stars and planets at night to understand that there must be a higher power holding it all together. We cannot deny that something with a magical quality is orchestrating it all.

Then we look at the chaos in our world, and cannot make a connection. Humans inherited this duality and polarity from a time beyond form, and as we played it out, our connection to the love and unity we once embodied grew weaker and weaker.

It is Our Cosmic Time to Override Our Past

We are now at the pinnacle of our evolution, and it is our cosmic time to find our way out. It is our time to override the habitual behaviors that we inherited from the past, but that have become our norm: our operating system.

Understanding and applying the Universal Laws is part of our guidance to do so. So is understanding our existence as a whole and our connection to the cosmos. (I explain these concepts more fully in chapter 8, “Science” in Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science.

The separation we thought we had brought about by doing-it-on-our-own is the first illusion we bought into. which lead us to create illusion upon illusion – until conditional love and separate agendas became the only truths we knew. They actually became our survival tools.

Over time, many, many concepts have been deemed Universal Laws, as with the ancient Hermetic Laws. Other philosophies, like A Course in Miracles, puts forth concepts like Cause and Effect, but do not call them laws. Linda Dillon suggests 13 Universal Laws, some similar to, and others different than mine.

Here is a small recap of the six Universal Laws I write about. The six I chose to focus on were relevant to the self-help, self-understanding parts of my writing. (Links to the posts on the individual Universal Laws I write about are below.

My Six Universal Laws

First, the Law of Openness denotes that we have to be in a state of receptivity to be able to fully access the love, joy, sense of unity and empowerment, and the other gifts available to us from the Universe.

Second, the Law of Authenticity indicates that we need to come from an honest place within ourselves. We must be aware of our intentions, motivations, and default ways of being.

Third, the well-known Law of Attraction confirms that we are vibration and maintains the principles that “like attracts like” and that “we are the creator of our own realities.”

Fourth, the Law of Cause and Effect clarifies that we are the cause of our experiences – not at the effect of the world around us, as until recently we believed we were.

Fifth, the Law of Balance suggests that we should strive to live in a way that promotes a sense of equilibrium in our lives and harmony in our beings. To do so, we have to make peace with all parts of ourselves, as well as the world around us.

And finally, the Law of Expansion comes into play in our lives once the other laws are well integrated into our beings, whereby the exponential function allows us to take a sharp upward turn and expand into all that we can be.

(This 8th and final article is from a series of 8  on Universal Laws that was first published in the Starlit Path Magazine from March 2018 to December 2019. Here is the link to the magazine). Links to other 7 articles below.  

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